On April 5, 2020, the ble (Bluetooth low energy radio) module of Guangdong Gaoyun Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gaoyun semiconductor”), the world’s fastest growing programmable logic company, won the ce-red (radio equipment direct) certification of the European Union, enabling developers to quickly and easily integrate gw1nrf-4 µ SOC FPGA ble module is integrated into the final product.

The Bluetooth FPGA module of Gaoyun semiconductor has obtained the CE certification of European Union

At the end of 2019, Gaoyun semiconductor released the first gw1nrf-4 FPGA with integrated ble module, which provides 4.6k LUTS, integrates a 32-bit low-power arc processor and a Bluetooth ble module, and is packaged as a 6x6mm QFN. In order to provide customers with more perfect solutions, Gaoyun semiconductor is producing certified gw1nrf ble module, which enables customers to design terminal products easily and quickly.

Wireless IC is usually provided by semiconductor manufacturers in two forms. Some developers need to integrate Bluetooth chip into their own system circuit board. In this case, developers need to carry out Bluetooth certification for the overall circuit board functions in the corresponding fields of their terminal products, which can provide a more flexible way of chip integration, but it usually adds additional certification costs to the final product manufacturers. Another option is to integrate a certified PCB module. The module contains Bluetooth module and other required circuits, such as decoupling capacitor, oscillator and antenna. In this way, customers can integrate pre certified PCB modules into larger system circuit boards without re authenticating the rest of the system.

“Compared with the pure gw1nrf-4 Bluetooth FPGA chip, many customers are more inclined to require certified gw1nrf-4 modules,” said grant Jennings, international marketing director of Gaoyun semiconductor, Gaoyun Semiconductor provides pre certified gw1nrf-4 Bluetooth low-power module, which saves the burden of certification for customers and makes it easy for customers to design products. “

“Gaoyun semiconductor has always been committed to providing customers with perfect solutions,” said Huang Jun, vice president of Gaoyun semiconductor marketing and sales director in China. “The module products based on gw1nrf-4 Bluetooth FPGA will greatly reduce the development difficulty of customers and reduce the use threshold of customers. This module has highly integrated functions and provides enough flexibility, It is convenient for users to develop terminal products flexibly, which can effectively shorten the time – to – market time. This module has passed the Bluetooth related certification, and the customer does not have to bear the certification cost. “

Gaoyun semiconductor gw1nrf-4 Bluetooth module is a 19x20mm module, which includes gw1nrf-4 devices, related passive components, crystal oscillator and antenna. This module provides a “plug and play” implementation mode for products with FPGA and Bluetooth functions.

The Bluetooth FPGA module of Gaoyun semiconductor has obtained the CE certification of European Union

Gaoyun semiconductor recently demonstrated the FPGA supporting gw1nrf-4 ble at embedded world 2020, and will continue to develop more reference design and demo around the device, so as to quickly provide users with Bluetooth FPGA functions.

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