On September 29, 2021, Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association organized and presided over the scientific and technological achievement evaluation meeting of the project “research and application of key technologies of microwave high Q chip multilayer ceramic capacitors for 5g communication” and the project “008004 mass production and key technology research of ultra micro chip multilayer ceramic capacitors” completed by Shenzhen Yuyang Technology Co., Ltd.


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The meeting was chaired by Yang Junyi, Deputy Secretary General of the association. The achievement evaluation committee was chaired by Professor Ling Zhiyuan, School of materials science and engineering, South China University of technology, Professor Guo Weiming, School of mechanical and electrical engineering, Guangdong University of technology, Professor Song Yue, School of electronic engineering and intelligence, Dongguan Institute of technology, Professor Fu Gang, School of physics and electronic engineering, Guangzhou University He Zhiming, Professor of Guangdong Institute of electronic information engineering, University of Electronic Science and technology of China, Chen Guoying, senior engineer of our association, Zhang Wei, senior engineer of Dongguan Electronic Information Industry Association and other experts. Also present at the meeting were Wu Yaji, Vice Minister of the product cooperation department, Li Allen, director of the member service department, Liao Jie, chairman and general manager of Shenzhen Yuyang Technology Co., Ltd., Jing Wenping, executive deputy general manager and other enterprise project personnel.


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“The key technology research and application of microwave high Q multilayer ceramic capacitors for 5G communications” project has solved the problem of gelation of low melting point Dielectric Powders in the process of porcelain slurry configuration. The amount of residual carbon in the rubber discharge process is reduced by humidifying in nitrogen; A method for testing MLCC high frequency parameters is developed.

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“008004 research on mass production and key technology of ultra micro chip multilayer ceramic capacitor” project, by solving the technical problems such as end sealing, rapid sintering and testing, the characteristic capacity range of c0g MLCC is 0.2 pf ~ 33 PF, and the characteristic capacity range of X5R MLCC is 0.1 NF ~ 22 NF.

The evaluation committee believes that the two projects are innovative and generally reach the leading level in China, and agrees that the project passes the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements.

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