When you think of electronic measurement, you immediately think of an acquisition instrument, usually an oscilloscope or a logic analyzer. However, these tools are only used to collect certain signals, and in many cases, these signals are not available unless they are provided from outside.

For example, the strain gauge amplifier does not produce a signal, but only increases the power of the signal received from the sensor. It is inevitable that the amplifier must be tested before it can be connected to the input circuit. In order to measure the characteristics of such devices with the acquisition instrument, you must provide the excitation signal at the input.

As another example, engineers must characterize the emerging design to ensure that the new hardware meets the design specifications within and beyond the whole working conditions. This is called margin test or limit test. This measurement task requires a complete solution, which can not only generate signals, but also measure.

Signal generator and acquisition instruments (such as oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer) form a complete measurement solution. In various configurations, the signal generator can provide excitation signals in the form of analog waveform, pulse pattern, modulation, distortion, noise, etc. In order to carry out effective design measurement, Characterization Measurement or commissioning measurement, it is very important to consider two elements of this solution at the same time.

The arbitrary waveform / function generator can meet the test requirements. What are the main application fields

The arbitrary waveform / function generator (AFG) can satisfy all kinds of excitation requirements. In fact, it is a popular signal generator architecture in the industry. If the DUT requires a typical sine wave and square wave (etc.) and can switch between the two frequencies almost immediately, the arbitrary waveform / function generator (AFG) is the right choice. Another advantage of Tektronix AFG is its low cost, which makes it attractive for applications that do not require AWG (arbitrary waveform generator).

AFG provides many unique advantages: it provides stable standard waveforms, such as sine wave, square wave, pulse wave, triangle wave, etc. In addition, the user can generate so-called arbitrary waveform, with user-defined waveform. Moreover, AFG provides a method to modulate signals from internal or external sources, generate sweep frequency and output pulse signals.

The waveform can be generated in various ways, and the choice of which way depends on the relevant information and input requirements of DUT, whether distortion or signal noise needs to be added, and other variables.

● create: Custom signals for circuit stimulation and testing.

Replication: real signals not available in the synchronous Electronics Laboratory (previously captured from an oscilloscope).

Generation: generate ideal or emphasized reference signal according to industry standard and specific tolerance.

How to make full use of Tektronix’s arbitrary waveform function generator to meet your test needs and make it worth the money?

1、 In embedded and semiconductor test applications:

Clock source, characterization logic device timing margin test, characterization phase locked loop (PLL) circuit, characterization operational amplifier, CCD sensor AFE timing margin test, characterization CCD sensor delay margin test, audio DAC test, power supply immunity test, etc;

2、 RF related applications

Measurement of frequency response of band-pass filter, intermodulation distortion of RF components, impulse noise figure measurement, IC function test of RFID receiver, EMC radiation test, characterization of I / Q modulator

3、 Education related applications

Measure the frequency response, am / FM broadcast test and corresponding parameters of bandpass filter

4、 Automotive Applications

Test and optimize engine control unit, simulate automobile sensor signal, characterize and optimize power MOSFET circuit in automobile electronics, analyze switching waveform of IGBT circuit

5、 Medical application

Test pacemaker, cardioverter defibrillator and other implanted medical devices, test ultrasonic medical devices, test detector circuit of ultrasonic medical devices

6、 Industrial control application

Characterization of dynamic performance of hydraulic servo valve

7、 Scientific research application

Driving and modulating laser diodes

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