Industrial Internet is an important part of China’s new infrastructure construction, and the identification resolution system of industrial Internet is the key nervous system of industrial Internet, which is the support foundation for realizing industrial system interconnection and industrial data transmission and exchange. China’s logo analysis system has been constructed since 2018. After more than two years of development, it has basically formed a development pattern with perfect policies, complete system and active innovation. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology has successively issued the “industrial Internet identification management measures” and “industrial Internet innovation and development action plan (2021-2023)”. Under the guidance of relevant policies and measures, the construction of China’s industrial Internet identification resolution system has entered a period of rapid development.

The application of industrial Internet logo parsing has achieved remarkable results

The application of industrial Internet logo parsing has achieved remarkable results

The role of the industrial Internet identity resolution system is similar to the domain name system of the Internet. By giving each physical item (product, parts, machinery and equipment, etc.) and virtual asset (model, algorithm, process, etc.) a unique “ID card”, it realizes the transformation from identity to IP address and the query of associated data. Users can quickly access the relevant information and data of a product in different links, different locations and different systems through identification, which is the premise and foundation for realizing the accurate docking of global supply chain system and enterprise production system, product lifecycle management and intelligent service.

Infrastructure is beginning to take shape. At present, the five national top nodes in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chongqing have been running stably. The construction of two disaster recovery nodes in Nanjing and Guiyang has been started, and 93 secondary nodes have been put into operation, covering 22 provincial administrative regions and 33 industries including ships, containers, automobiles, petrochemicals, food and medical devices. The number of access enterprises has exceeded 10000, and the number of identification notes has increased The volume has exceeded 10 billion.

The application mode is constantly enriched. Identification application scenarios and modes are constantly enriched, and innovative application modes such as intelligent production management and control, supply chain collaboration, industrial software data interaction, digital delivery, and whole life cycle management based on identification analysis are initially formed. Active identification has become a new development highlight, and has been applied in many fields such as heat, gas, automobile, abrasive tools, etc. Alipay, Shang MI and other 10 mainstream “sweep” APP, logo reading and writing equipment, such as has been achieved with the industrial Internet identification analysis docking.

Practice and exploration are gradually deepened. The secondary nodes speed up the application exploration and innovation, and gradually cultivate a number of excellent application cases. For example, based on the unified identification and public resolution capabilities, it helps Zhongtian Technology in intelligent production management and control. By connecting to the secondary nodes of the cable industry and based on the simple and standardized data interface, the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises have solved the problems in intelligent production, such as inconsistent material identification, difficulty in heterogeneous data collection, and obstruction in upstream and downstream supply chain communication, realizing “one code overview, tracing the source; one code multi knowledge, decentralized control; one code to the end, collaborative manufacturing”. For another example, through the identification analysis, we can get through all aspects of industrial production and realize the digital delivery of shipbuilding. China Shipbuilding Group uses the secondary node of ship industry identification analysis to connect ship owners, ship design institutes, steel production enterprises, outfitting suppliers, logistics carriers, ship assembly plants, maintenance service providers, insurance companies, etc. to give public identification to ship production equipment and spare parts, establish digital unified delivery, and realize cross subject information query, so as to effectively solve the problem Promote the transformation of CSSC from product manufacturing to product service.

Large scale application and promotion of identity resolution is still facing great challenges

At present, the large-scale application and promotion of industrial Internet identity resolution in China is still facing many problems and challenges.

First, there is an urgent need for multi type heterogeneous identity interoperability. At present, most enterprises use private identification to carry out internal material management and product tracking. With the deepening demand for cross system and cross domain data sharing, private identification is difficult to realize cross domain reading and application. Public identification such as handle, oid, ecode and VAA have been applied to different degrees in different situations. And new identification systems such as distributed identification (did) are widely used in the world We should speed up the development of innovation. In this context, China’s industrial Internet identity resolution needs to speed up iterative innovation while building.

Second, the demand for trusted data and secure interaction is growing. As the key hub of manufacturing information system interconnection, identity resolution system involves a large number of sensitive data and high-value data within the enterprise, so it has high requirements for resolution security, including authenticity of data source, reliability of data transmission, legitimacy of data query, etc. It is necessary to form a trusted unified identity authentication chain on the basis of the industrial Internet identity resolution system to realize the authenticity of the node server itself, and encrypt or digitally sign the resolution data information to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data.

Thirdly, the supporting capacity of public service needs to be strengthened. At present, the foundation of the identification industry is still weak, the existing identification carrier, reading equipment and analysis system are not sufficient and rich in supporting the industrial environment and elements, and there are few suppliers with the ability of industry customized application development. The shallow application of consumer goods traceability based on identification is the most common. In order to give full play to the role of identification resolution, we need to accelerate the deep application of identification in collaborative manufacturing, supply chain management and other links, and accelerate the construction of public support capacity and end-to-end ecosystem of identification resolution.

The leading role of identification analysis system and standards and specifications is highlighted

First, the management measures will effectively promote the orderly and healthy development of logo analysis. The promulgation of the “management measures” further clarifies the institutional positioning, capacity guarantee, regulatory requirements, etc., clarifies the regulatory responsibilities of the central and local authorities, clarifies the construction ideas of resolution nodes from cross region to cross industry, points out a clear path for the supervision and management of local governments, and realizes the healthy and orderly development of identification resolution nodes under the supervision of the government. Among them, the secondary node of industrial Internet identification analysis is the platform and window for providing identification services to industry enterprises. Under the national regulatory system, the administrative measures fully guarantee the enterprise rights and data sovereignty of the secondary node, which is conducive to promoting cross enterprise data sharing and information trading, and accelerating the formation of innovative application mode that can be copied and promoted.

Second, the combination of management methods and standard system can effectively guide the standardization construction of the whole system. In order to promote the large-scale and standardized development of industrial Internet identity resolution system, it is also necessary to accelerate the development of standards, so as to promote the research and development of identity software and hardware, the interconnection between different nodes of identity resolution, and the integrated application of identity resolution and industrial system. Accelerate the development of basic common technical standards for multi device access, heterogeneous network connection, multi-source heterogeneous data interoperability, industrial data security and other aspects in the industrial field, so as to provide important support for the consolidation of public infrastructure for identification resolution. Guide secondary node enterprises to establish relevant technical standards and test specifications such as technology implementation, engineering deployment, node docking and application scenarios of industry secondary nodes and cross industry secondary nodes, such as identification coding system that meets the needs of industry application, so as to promote enterprise access identification resolution system and promote large-scale application. For the data management, interaction and sharing needs of industrial application scenarios, accelerate the output of industry-specific and scenario specific application support standards, give play to standardized service ability, promote the expansion of new mode and new application of identification resolution, build application mode that can be copied and popularized, and form dual drive development mode of industry demonstration and standard development.

Joint efforts to promote the construction of identification analysis system and comprehensively deepen its application

Next, logo resolution will implement the “logo resolution enhancement action” to further promote the development level of China’s logo resolution system from three aspects: expanding the scale of infrastructure, deepening the application of logo resolution, and doing a good job in logo service management.

First, continue to promote the construction of identification resolution infrastructure. We should enhance the comprehensive service capacity of the country, and strengthen the support capacity of national top-level nodes for domain name, logo, identity and other network infrastructure resources. We will promote the construction of disaster recovery nodes in Nanjing and Guiyang, make disaster recovery backup for the industrial Internet identification resolution system, and provide data and business hosting services to ensure the stable operation of the industrial Internet identification resolution system. Guide the construction and operation of secondary nodes, assist the Ministry of industry and information technology, local government and industry to jointly promote the construction of secondary nodes for identification resolution in more industries and regions, and improve the service scope of identification resolution. Relying on the industrial Internet industry alliance, the “guidelines for the construction of secondary nodes” is issued to further standardize the construction, operation and development of secondary nodes, and provide a theoretical basis for the application and exploration of secondary node industry.

Second, deepen and expand the large-scale application of logo analysis. Enhance vertical industry applications, carry out integrated innovation of logo parsing in design, production, circulation and service, and strengthen the deep integration of logo parsing and application scenarios. Promote the large-scale application of identification in key industries such as automobile, medical, shipping, etc., and create a reproducible and promotable benchmark for typical identification analysis and application. Expand the application of public domain, promote the application of identification analysis in cold chain logistics, emergency supplies, smart city and other key fields, and provide strong support for people’s livelihood services and social governance. Promote the application of code settlement based on industrial Internet identification, promote cross enterprise data exchange, build a new business model of identification data assets, and cultivate a public application environment for identification. Accelerate the practice of active identification carrier, accelerate the technology research, product development and standard development of active identification carrier such as IOT network card, security chip and communication module, select key fields such as instrumentation, electric power and Internet of vehicles, and promote the large-scale deployment and application exploration of active identification carrier.

Third, strictly implement the “management measures” to improve service capacity. Do a good job in license registration, carry out administrative license application for nodes at all levels according to the requirements of management measures, and perform the responsibility of smooth access of nodes as the main responsibility body of national top nodes. Strengthen the guidance of standards, continue to promote the development of common technical standards for identification resolution, form a perfect service guide for system construction, assist the implementation of management methods, and guide the standardized construction of identification resolution technical facilities. Support government supervision, establish operation monitoring, emergency take over, data custody, safety detection and other security systems covering the whole area of infrastructure, carry out regular data reporting, information verification, problem rectification, and synchronize information with competent departments.

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