With the rapid development of science and technology, many new, fun and dynamic product forms have been brought to people. All aspects of life, such as going out to take a bus, staying at home and leisure, have integrated and reflected the cutting-edge scientific and technological elements.

Today, I believe you are no longer unfamiliar with biometric technology. The main research objects of biometric technology include speech, body shape, face, fingerprint, palmprint, iris, retina, personal habits (including the strength and frequency of keyboard tapping, signature), etc. the corresponding recognition technologies include speech recognition, fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, etc.

As one of the cutting-edge technologies, the application of biometric technology in smart retail, smart phone, smart home, mobile payment, Inclusive Finance and other fields is increasingly in-depth, new business forms are emerging, and the scale of the industry is expanding, showing full vitality.

According to the statistical data of IBG and transparencymarket research, the global biometric industry scale has reached 20 billion US dollars in 2019. With the accelerated development of artificial intelligence market, the application field of biometric technology is gradually expanding. By 2020, the global market scale will reach 23.3 billion US dollars, with an average annual compound growth rate of 15.7%, which is in a rapid growth channel.

As one of the cutting-edge technologies, palmprint recognition has gradually become a major focus in the industry. Recently, Amazon has released its own palmprint recognition technology, Amazon one, which will initially be used in the payment process of physical retail stores to realize “hand brushing” checkout.

It is reported that Amazon’s palm recognition technology will be the first to be used in Amazon’s own Amazon go store in Seattle, and will be launched into more Amazon stores in the next few months. It’s easy to use. After going to two Amazon go stores in Seattle, insert a credit card into the device in the store and hover your palm over the device. After scanning, you can complete the association between the credit card and the palm. A credit card can support up to two palms. When paying, you only need to hover your palm over the Amazon one device.

The application field of biometric technology is gradually expanding

At present, the mobile payment time under the blessing of face recognition, fingerprint recognition and other technologies is at the second level, while Amazon’s palmprint recognition technology can verify the personal identity and complete the payment in just 300 milliseconds. In addition, the current popular fingerprint recognition, face recognition and other biometric technology, there have been some security problems.

Take fingerprint recognition as an example, face recognition system without powerful live detection function is easy to be cheated by 3D printing mask, and fingerprint recognition can be successfully cheated by fingerprint film. At the initial stage, palmprint recognition is double verification, that is, acquiring external features for the first time and internal tissue features for the second time. Compared with other biometrics, palmprint recognition has improved security.

In mobile payment, office and other scenes, the advantages of palmprint recognition are highlighted. In a sense, it is very similar to the upgrade scheme of ID card. It replaces external devices with Palmprint and has better security, which also lays the corresponding foundation for the further expansion of its application field.

Among various palmprint recognition technologies, multispectral palmprint recognition has attracted the attention and discussion of the industry. Multispectral palmprint recognition is a new biometric recognition technology, which takes the palmprint of human body as the target feature and collects biological information through multispectral imaging technology.

Although it is known as “palmprint”, in fact, multispectral palmprint recognition is the representative of biometric recognition technology based on multi-modal and multi-target feature fusion. Because this new technology combines palmprint, skin spectrum and vein three recognizable features to provide rich and diverse information at one time, it increases the distinguishability of target features and is easy to use.

At present, palmprint recognition has not entered the home of ordinary people. However, I believe that with the continuous progress of technology, the improvement of industry standards, and the improvement of the efficiency of software, hardware and system cooperation, palmprint recognition will usher in new opportunities for diversified applications.

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