VR and AR have become new favorites in the field of science and technology, bringing more development opportunities for various industries. The upcoming 5g network technology will also become the communication technology on which ar and VR industries rely. In addition, the integration of VR industry in the vertical field is also increasing.

The application combination of VR technology and vertical industry will continue to improve

IDC, a market research company, predicts that the popularity of VR and AR head displays will increase rapidly. In 2018, the sales volume will increase from 8 million units in 2017 to 12.4 million units, and the average growth rate of VR and AR head displays in the next five years will be 52.5%. At the “5g + VR” sub forum, Wei Chenguang, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said: “the VR industry has entered a ‘climbing period’ of maturity, the production and distribution mechanism of VR content has basically taken shape, the habits of users have been gradually formed, and the integration of vertical fields has been continuously improved.”

“4G changes life and 5g changes society”. 5g era is bound to bring disruptive technological innovation. “Global operators are actively deploying 5g, and VR industry is expected to become the preferred business of 5g.” according to Li Tengyue, President of AR and VR of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., 5g has accelerated the development of AR and VR industries, and AR and VR industries are also important needs for 5g development.

The application combination of VR technology and vertical industry will continue to improve

Wei Chenguang also said that 5g will bring huge development space for VR industrial applications, further improve the interactivity and immersion of VR applications, and expand VR technology from traditional entertainment industries to vertical industries. AR and VR industries do attract the attention of many enterprises. With the continuous improvement of technology, AR and VR industries will usher in better development, and the arrival of 5g will also bring greater development space for AR and VR industries.



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