September 9, 2021 – vivo X70 series is officially released worldwide. As a high-end flagship that has attracted much attention, vivo X70 series brings a comprehensive upgrade of design, performance and interaction. Vivo cooperated deeply with Zeiss to achieve another breakthrough in optical technology and computational photography, opened a new track of mobile photography with X70 series, and brought mobile images to an unprecedented new height.

Xu Wen, head of brand communication of Zeiss Greater China, and Sebastian doentgen, head of consumer optical category management and marketing of Zeiss attended the press conference. At the press conference, Xu Wen said: “Vivo Zeiss global imaging strategic cooperation will further expand the boundaries of professional imaging technology, enhance the optical expressiveness of mobile photography, and jointly promote the upgrading and sound development of the whole industrial chain. On the occasion of Zeiss 175th birthday, vivo X70 series is a special gift for everyone to fully enjoy the fun of creation and the best of vivo Zeiss global imaging strategic cooperation New achievements. “


Open the era of hardware level algorithms   New vision of pinyue mobile image

Vivo X70 series has achieved leapfrog upgrading in computing photography. It took 24 months. The R & D team invested more than 300 people to build a professional image chip V1, bringing an overall improvement in high performance, low power consumption and low delay. Professional image chip V1 can process complex operations at high speed like CPU, and can also complete data parallel processing like GPU and DSP, so as to realize the equivalent 32MB super cache and full on-chip storage, surpass the current flagship desktop computer processor, and achieve low delay, real-time noise reduction and frame insertion.

With the powerful computing power of V1 chip, vivo X70 Pro / X70 PRO + supports real-time black light night vision function, you can see the brightness of the film effect through the viewfinder, and supports manual adjustment of exposure intensity to realize the freedom of night scene creation. When shooting extreme night video, it presents a clearer and smoother picture. Compared with the pure software method, it improves the night scene, reduces power consumption by 50%, and helps vivo   X70 Pro / X70 PRO + delivers better performance in night view video.


Full link optical system upgrade   New height of professional image

Photography is the art of light. Vivo X70 series realizes the full link upgrade on the optical system. The breakthrough ultra-low dispersion and high transmittance glass lens, the whole series equipped with Zeiss optical lens, micro PTZ integrated anti shake, customized outsole and the industry’s first coating technology show extremely excellent photo and video shooting ability.

Vivo X70 Pro adopts double main camera of large bottom micro cloud platform, while vivo X70 PRO + adopts three main cameras of large bottom micro cloud platform. Among them, vivo X70 PRO + four lenses are equipped with optical anti shake technology, becoming the industry’s only flagship of all four camera optical anti shake images. At the same time, vivo X70 PRO + adopts vivo ultra-low dispersion and high transmittance glass lens, which brings the effects of ultra-low dispersion, high transmittance and stronger thermal stability, effectively improves the problems such as purple edge, and significantly improves the bulge of the main camera lens on the outsole.

Vivo X70 Pro four camera system / X70 three camera system are equipped with large bottom micro PTZ main camera and professional portrait lens. Micro PTZ fusion and anti shake are realized, inter frame drag and motion blur are greatly suppressed, and the frame is reset and the frame is clear. At the same time, vivo X70 / X70 Pro is equipped with imx766v and imx663 sensors customized by Sony, which have been comprehensively upgraded in terms of aperture, light transmittance, perceived brightness, focusing speed and focusing accuracy.

In addition, all vivo X70 lenses meet Zeiss t * coating standards. Vivo applies more advanced SWC ultra-low anti AR coating, ALD coating, IRCF pigment spin coating and other coating technologies and processing processes to the mobile phone lens, improves the picture purity through multiple coating, and improves the criticized imaging problems such as glare and ghost.


Photography experience upgrade   New height of cooperation between pinyue and Zeiss

Faithfully restore what the human eye sees. During the development of vivo X70 series, we worked with Zeiss to deeply discuss and formulate the concept of natural color loyal to human eyes. Through the test of 140 color cards and more than 80 real shooting scenes, we introduced color mapping matrix and 3D color mapping matrix for more fine debugging, so as to make the hue more accurate and the saturation treatment more fine, and finally bring Zeiss natural color into vivo X70 series.

In terms of portrait photography, vivo and Zeiss continue to develop and adjust, and “built in” the most classic and personalized lens in Zeiss’s 175 year optical history in vivo X70 series. Four lens portrait styles of biotar, distagon, sonnar and planar are launched to experience the virtual style of Zeiss’s classic portrait with one click.

Over the years, vivo has built a powerful software algorithm matrix, including motion algorithm, portrait algorithm, night scene algorithm, zoom algorithm, superraw, color algorithm and super clear algorithm, making vivo X70 series a creative tool for professional creators.


Comprehensive experience upgrade   Hard power of pinyue machine

Vivo X70 PRO + is equipped with a 6.78 inch 2K E5 super sensitive free screen, with a maximum brightness peak of 1500nit; It supports 10bit color scale and 1.07 billion color display effect, and intelligent switching of 1hz-120hz ltpo frame rate, which can be called the ceiling of mobile phone screen. Meanwhile, vivo X70 PRO + is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 888 plus flagship chip, combined with self-developed memory fusion + 4G technology and hid defragmentation technology to bring strong performance. Flagship IP68 dust-proof and water-proof, stereo dual speakers, independent hifi chip combination, large-volume X-axis linear motor, 50W Wireless Flash charging and other flagship configurations make vivo X70 PRO + truly make people have what they don’t have, and people have what they have.

In addition, originos has comprehensively upgraded the experience of office, smart Internet and mobile security, so that vivo X70 series can bring consumers a more comprehensive experience.


Unique shape and elegant color matching   Time flow in pinyue’s palm

Vivo X70 series inherits the exquisite and elegant style of X series, and takes emotional care as the design starting point to make the mobile phone no longer cold.

The design of vivo X70 / X70 Pro is inspired by the “Tingbu cloud step” design in Chinese gardens. The “Tingbu” design brings a balance of breathing and interest to a large area of dark image module area. One side of the “cloud terrace” represents the professional camera function area, and the other side is a labeled metal nameplate, which is more simple and orderly.

On this basis, vivo X70 PRO + adds ceramic cloud window design, iconic “PRO +” logo and “vivo|zeiss co-engineered” silk screen printing information to highlight the unique and carefully designed sense of dignity.

The vivo X70 series brings five colors, among which vivo X70 PRO + has three colors: black, journey and wilderness, and vivo X70 / X70 Pro brings three colors: black, monologue and Nebula. To the dark is like the fine starlight sprinkled on the night sky; The monologue is pure and simple, bringing an elegant texture like a pearl; The nebula is like the majestic universe, the vast stars are intertwined with stars; Orange is modern and elegant, elegant and unique ceramic design, just like a retro orange suitcase; The wilderness is the fusion of the blue of science and technology, the confident background of the flagship of professional images, and the interpretation of people’s inner yearning for reliability, stability and firmness.


Vision + image plan reading image creation fun

On May 31 this year, vivo officially launched 2021 vivo   Vision + image program, together with well-known industry partners at home and abroad such as Zeiss, National Geographic and first youth film exhibition, actively practices the core concept of “everyone is a creator” with humanized professional image strength, so that more people can enjoy creation. Vision + plan includes mobile photography competition, super short film competition, annual image exhibition and image college, trying to build an image ecology integrating content co creation, public education, technology and aesthetic exploration, encourage more people to join light creation and new viewing, enjoy the fun of mobile image creation, and jointly shape the picture of contemporary humanistic images.

So far, vision + video program has received 208159 photographic works and more than 3160 short film works contributed by more than 11000 creators. Among them, the results of the super short film competition have been announced during the first youth film exhibition on July 30, and the results of the mobile photography competition will be officially announced on October 31, 2021. In addition to encouraging more creation through the competition mechanism, the vision + program also continues to construct educational courses on mobile photography through the college to provide services for vivo   The customized video course for X70 series mobile phones will start on September 19 and will be launched simultaneously on the online and offline platforms. Vivo hopes to stimulate the image expression potential of creators in different circles through the vision + image plan, encourage creators to capture the moments lit by light around them and ask questions about life with mobile images.


It was officially launched on September 17, with the selling price of 3699 yuan

The selling price of vivo X70 series was announced at the press conference. The prices of vivo X70 Pro 8GB + 128G, 8GB + 256gb, 12gb + 256gb and 12gb + 512gb were 4299 yuan, 4599 yuan, 4799 yuan and 5299 yuan respectively; The selling prices of vivo X70 PRO + 8GB + 256gb, 12gb + 256gb and 12gb + 512gb are 5499 yuan, 5999 yuan and 6999 yuan respectively; Vivo X70 starts at 3699 yuan.


Vivo X70 series has been on vivo official website, vivo Jingdong self operated official flagship store, JD vivo official flagship store, tmall vivo official flagship store, vivo mobile phone Suning self operated flagship store, tmall Suning Tesco official flagship store, pinduole, installment music, vipshop, China Merchants Bank handheld life, Ping An Bank pocket mall, Bank of communications pay bar, vivo experience store exclusive store The online and offline channels such as the main stores of vivo terminal are opened for pre-sale. The X70 series is pre sold to the high end and enjoys 24 interest free installments and 24 month warranty. When purchasing a new X70 PRO + machine, you also have the opportunity to obtain a 50W Wireless Flash charging vertical charger of 329 yuan. Vivo X70 pro and vivo X70 PRO + were officially launched on September 17, and X70 was officially launched on September 30. Please pay attention.

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