At present, amd rDNA architecture and Navi core graphics card only have RX 5700 series. It is reported that there will be Navi 12 / 14 / 21 and other new cores and Rx 5600 / 5500 / 5800 and other new series in the future, but the specific details and when to release are still unknown.

The amdrx5300xt exposure series uses gddr5 video memory for the first time

Recently, foreign media found that AMD RX 5300 XT appeared prominently in the graphics card part of HP’s two new desktop hosts Pavilion tp01-0006ng and m01-f0017ng in the configuration table, matched with 4GB gddr5 video memory.

This will be the first product in the RX 5000 series that uses gddr5 video memory, but more detailed specifications are not available. In particular, I don’t know whether their core is still based on rDNA architecture or whether the old Polaris Polaris architecture wears a new vest.

However, judging from the product positioning and current situation, RX 5300 is likely to be dedicated to OEM and may not be introduced to the retail market. In this case, vest card is more likely.

In addition, the new machine also has AMD b550 motherboard, a new generation of mainstream models, which is more suitable for matching with Ruilong 5 / 3 Series CPU / APU.

The two HP hosts will be shipped in early October, and the release of Rx 5300 and b550 is naturally not far away.

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