The Super bandwidth realized by 5g is different from the speed-up of 4G mobile network. The mobile communication rate of previous generations is lower than that of the mature fixed network at that time. The rate of 5g is equivalent to that of fixed network. Yuan Yu, an analyst at CCID Consulting Electronic Information Industry Research Center, said: “now the development trend of ICT integration is obvious. When the communication technology changes, it will often cause changes in information technology. Therefore, after 5g is put into commercial use, affected by the significant increase of 5g rate, it will certainly contribute to the change of IT equipment.

From the perspective of the storage industry, it will develop in a more efficient and customized direction. First, it will carry more storage services. Enterprises are willing to store more data in the cloud, so as to reduce operation and maintenance costs and reduce the burden of enterprises. This is what we understand as cloud storage; Second, because of the advanced and agile storage technology, the whole computing process will be faster, which will also cause certain changes to the business model of storage manufacturers and promote the upgrading and iteration of the model.

In 2019, the slogan of 5g is quite loud. This year is also called the first year of 5g in China. However, some readers believe that we do not have many channels for 5g perception except that we can use 5g mobile phones, but in fact, the change of 5g to the storage industry should be great at present. For example, the storage mode of 5g information collection terminal has been changing. In intelligent terminals such as driverless vehicles, there will be a large amount of data collected by cameras, on-board radar and other cameras, and a considerable part needs to be processed locally, which puts forward great requirements for the performance of memory.

It is recognized in the industry that there are some methods to solve the data memory problem of intelligent terminal. One of them is on-chip memory, that is, the memory is dispersed and integrated next to the computing unit to minimize data movement. The purpose is to break the memory bottleneck and reduce power consumption by reducing the load and the number of storage. The gap between the current memory and the data and bandwidth requirements in the system has begun to be obvious, but the memory is trying to reduce this gap. Due to the improvement of network transmission capacity brought by 5g, the storage demand in the cloud will grow rapidly. In order to reduce energy consumption, it is believed that distributed storage technology will be further developed.

At that time, in order to facilitate access to data, the stability and reliability of the storage system will be further improved. Many people in the industry believe that in the 5g era, storage will certainly change in the underlying technology, because storage is not only a problem of capacity, but also a problem of the structure of storage objects, such as the storage structure of video and text, Each has its own separate storage mode. Although the role of 5g in improving storage has not been really reflected at present, relevant products have been published, so we have reason to believe that change is coming.

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