Following the audio test of iPhone 12, DxOMark announced the screen test results of iPhone 12 pro.

Screen test is a new test item introduced by DxO last month. In terms of ranking, the iPhone 12pro is tied with Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra 5g with 87 points, but it is less than 88 points of one plus 8 pro and 89 points of Samsung note20 Ultra.

It is reported that the iPhone 12pro is equipped with a superretina xdro LED display, with a resolution of 1170 x2532 and a nominal maximum brightness of 1200 nits.

The actual iPhone 12 Pro screen is not as good as the domestic mobile phone

Color uniformity, from left to right: Apple iPhone 12pro, Apple iPhone 11promax, oneplus8pro

DxO wrote in the comments that Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro has made some minor improvements over its previous larger iPhone 11 promax, and is tied for third place in our overall ranking with Samsung’s Galaxy S20 ultra5g. In addition, there was a slight delay and obvious artifacts when the video started playing, and the touch was not smooth enough, which affected the score of the iPhone.

However, the biggest problem of the mobile phone is the continuous yellow color deviation under each lighting condition, and its brightness is also lower than the common brightness, which affects the readability of the screen, especially at night.

The actual iPhone 12 Pro screen is not as good as the domestic mobile phone

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