On October 23, Wen Ku, spokesman of the Ministry of industry and information technology and director of the information and communication development department, introduced the development achievements of the industrial communication industry during the 13th five year plan and talked about the development of the industrial Internet during the 13th five year plan.

Wen Ku pointed out that since the issuance of the State Council’s guidance on deepening the Internet plus advanced manufacturing industry’s development of industrial Internet, China’s industrial Internet has achieved remarkable success. The innovation and development project of industrial Internet has been smoothly promoted. The high-quality external network with low delay, high reliability and wide coverage has extended to more than 300 cities across the country, connecting more than 180000 industrial enterprises. The “5g + industrial Internet” 512 project has been accelerated. Local basic telecom enterprises have actively connected with industrial enterprises, and more than 800 projects are under construction. The identification analysis system has achieved a breakthrough of “from 0 to 1”. Five national top nodes in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chongqing have been basically completed, 75 secondary nodes have been put into operation, more than 70 platforms with certain industry and regional influence, more than 40 million sets (sets) of industrial equipment have been connected, the security capability has been greatly improved, and the integrated application covers more than 30 key industries, The five new modes of intelligent manufacturing, networked collaboration, personalized customization, service extension and digital management have been actively innovated, with remarkable results in improving quality, reducing cost and increasing efficiency. The scale of the industrial Internet industry has reached 3 trillion yuan, the industrial ecology of multi-party cooperation has been further expanded, the number of members of the industrial Internet industry alliance has reached 1700, and the industrial cooperation in related technologies, standards, R & D and applications has been continuously strengthened, which has increasingly played a supporting role in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and the high-quality development of the real economy.

The "5g + industrial Internet" 512 project accelerated and achieved a breakthrough of "from 0 to 1"

*** Focus on the following four aspects.

First, strengthen the construction of the three systems. Build a high-quality industrial Internet network system, take the “5g + industrial Internet” 512 project as the traction, continue to promote the transformation of internal and external networks of enterprises, expand the identification analysis system and deepen the application of identification analysis. Improve the construction of industrial Internet platform system, build industrial Internet big data center, and promote enterprises to go to the cloud platform. Further strengthen the security guarantee capacity of industrial Internet.

Second, deepen integration, innovation and application. Promote the construction of industrial Internet industrial application demonstration base and pilot demonstration with high quality, guide industrial enterprises to actively carry out innovative application of industrial Internet, cultivate and promote new modes and new formats such as intelligent manufacturing, networked collaboration, personalized customization, service extension and digital management, and promote the digital transformation of enterprises.

Third, consolidate the basic industrial capacity. Focus on the industrial Internet innovation and development project, improve the construction of public service platform, cultivate system solution providers, accelerate the application of 5g, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies in the industrial Internet, expand the scale of characteristic industries, and improve the industrial basic capacity and the modernization level of the industrial chain.

Fourth, create a good development environment. Study and formulate landing policies for industrial Internet innovation and development in the next stage. Deepen the reform of “release, management and service” and optimize the industrial development environment. Strengthen standard construction and promote industry finance cooperation and industry education cooperation.

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