With the large-scale deployment and continuous evolution, 5G has made great achievements in the consumer fields such as ultra-high-definition video, live broadcast, and VR. At the same time, it is also expanding into the Internet of Things field other than smartphones, enabling many new scenarios and services, and expanding applications. Fields include Internet of Vehicles, autonomous driving, smart factories, telemedicine, smart transportation, public safety and other fields.

The unknown of 5G is far greater than the known. Although the market prospect is unprecedentedly broad, the window period left for the transition of the 5G application ecology is not long, only 2-3 years. In such a short period of time, it is impossible to expand 5G applications to more industries alone. Openness and strong ecological cooperation are the keys to 5G expansion to thousands of industries. Therefore, all parties in the industry should become the "passengers" of the 5G application ecology, ferrying others to pass themselves, and realizing the rapid expansion of the application ecology.

Let's look at the present, the 5G application ecology is just beginning to be "prosperous"

As a technology that can rewrite the rules of the entire social game, the greatest value of 5G lies in its application. It can be said that the application is the highlight of 5G. After more than a year of commercial use, my country's 5G application ecology has just begun to emerge. 5G is not only accelerating its extension to various vertical industries, but at present, 5G has been implemented in ports, mining areas, media, transportation, monitoring, education, Industry 4.0 and other fields.

Looking back on last year (2019), when we talked about 5G, it was still "three or two flowers blooming at the beginning", and looking at the present day, it is already "the garden can't be closed in spring." Dong Xin, general manager of China Mobile, said.

The data shows that China Mobile has focused on 15 sub-sectors including smart factories in vertical industries, built 100 group-level 5G leading demonstration projects and 1,000 provincial-level featured projects, and created a number of industry firsts together with industry partners. "5G Cloud Cherry Blossoms", "5G Climbing Mount Everest", "5G Deep Mine" and "5G Entering the Seaport" have attracted widespread attention from all walks of life.

For example, China Mobile and Baotou Steel Group have built a 5G smart mine open-pit mining application in the Bayan Obo mining area, the world's largest rare earth mine, to realize unmanned and marshalling operations of mine trucks, and to operate stably in the production environment, improving operation efficiency by more than 25% and saving energy. The cost is about 30%. The unmanned crane jointly developed by China Mobile and Xianggang has carried out 5G transformation on the crane, reducing manual intervention in the working process, realizing automatic operation, effectively improving work efficiency, realizing the conversion from on-site operation to centralized operation in the control room, and improving the working environment. There are fewer people in the workshop, and the risk of personnel safety is reduced, helping iron and steel enterprises to save costs and increase efficiency.

5G has set off a new chapter in 2B. On the 2B side, operators can capture as much as $1.3 trillion in value. The combination of 5G and various 2B industries is not only an important part of the new infrastructure, but also one of the key technologies for the future development of the digital economy.

Through continuous efforts, China Telecom has made great progress in 5G application ecological construction in 2020, and the 5G 2B market has continued to expand. Relying on 5G + cloud network integration infrastructure, China Telecom is adopting a combination of independent research and development + ecological cooperation to create a digital capability platform as the core carrier of open cooperation. At present, China Telecom's digital capability platform brings together more than 120 atomic capabilities such as the Internet of Things, intelligent connection, cloud, and security, which will inject endogenous power into the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

At present, in the field of electric power, China Telecom is actively exploring the 5G smart grid experimental network to realize power distribution automation and help power ubiquitous interconnection; in the field of building materials, China Telecom is piloting "5G + machine vision" for cement companies to solve the problem of clogging the feeding port; In the field of equipment manufacturing, a series of 5G application scenarios such as 5G+ data equipment collection and analysis, 5G+AGV, 5G+ machine vision, and 5G+ video surveillance have been created, which greatly improves production efficiency and achieves cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Some experts pointed out that 80% of the real application scenarios of 5G are used in the industrial Internet, and the industrial Internet is the most anticipated field of 5G. The industry also predicts that before 2025, the annual income of the industrial Internet will reach more than 1.1 trillion yuan, and my country's industrial Internet is expected to reach 480 billion yuan, which can bring 2 trillion yuan of growth to the country.

As the forerunner of "5G+Industrial Internet", China Unicom has an early layout, a high starting point, fast action and strong efforts. In August 2020, China Unicom released the "Eight Action Plans for 5G + Industrial Internet", which will comprehensively serve the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises from the aspects of technology empowerment, innovation drive, ecological cooperation, and capital assistance, and promote the integration and innovation of 5G + Industrial Internet. In terms of specific implementation, China Unicom has also created many industry benchmarks.

As experts have said, in order to give full play to the application of 5G network, it is not enough to have only industry application. Massive consumer-grade 5G applications can also better play the role of 5G network. At the consumer level, the killer application of 5G is on the horizon, and ultra-high video and cloud games may be detonated at any time.

2020 is the year of the large-scale expansion of 5G. There have been many changes in the terminal form of 5G equipment, and more products with stronger capabilities will be launched next year. Hou Mingjuan, global vice president of Qualcomm, pointed out, "When the number of people using 5G reaches a certain level, 5G applications will also develop explosively, which will play a positive role in the popularization of the entire 5G application." She believes that 5G technology is mature and After going deep into all walks of life, more unimaginable application scenarios will emerge.

Taking precautions, China Telecom vigorously promotes 5G to promote the integration of terminal products and services, and expands the application ecology of "all categories". Li Zhengmao, general manager of China Telecom, revealed that China Telecom focuses on the mobile cloud terminal of "thousand-yuan 5G, native cloud service", and combines e-surfing HD, whole-house WiFi, e-surfing housekeeping, cloud VR and other multi-form and diversified cloud network products. Services, actively expand the boundaries of cloud terminal capabilities, deepen the independent control of core terminal cloud capabilities, participate in cloud terminal standard customization, and are committed to opening core cloud capabilities, opening up the entire chain of R&D and commercialization, and building a prosperous new sharing ecosystem.

In terms of 2C&2H, China Mobile put forward new ideas, new listening methods, new gameplay, new shooting methods and new applications, aiming at individual and family users, creating a new immersive entertainment experience and a new smart life. At the terminal application level, in the eMBB scenario, China Unicom continues to deepen its efforts in game, video, XR, cloudification and other application fields, and continues to promote the exploration of 5G "killer" applications in mMTC and uRLLC scenarios.

Looking to the future: Say goodbye to fighting alone in order to "full garden spring"

The white paper released by the Academy of Information and Communications Technology pointed out that in the next 2 to 3 years, the development of the 5G industry will enter a critical period. This period is not only the cultivation period of 5G application ecology, but also an important window period for manufacturers to accumulate strength and accelerate transformation and growth.

It is also expected by the Academy of Information and Communications Technology: "In the next 2 to 3 years, my country's 5G network construction will continue to advance, gradually achieve wide-area coverage, and consumer-level innovative applications with 5G characteristics may show scale growth from 2022 to 2023. , industrial applications will still be in the introduction period and will be gradually commercialized in batches."

In the author's opinion, at such a critical moment, it is impossible to expand 5G applications to more industries alone. Openness and strong ecological cooperation are the key to 5G's expansion to thousands of industries. In fact, operators are also well versed in this rule, and have launched ecological alliances, various ecological plans to expand the 5G application ecosystem,

In 2020, China Mobile will also release the "5G+Blooming Action", implement the "100 billion" industry driving plan, and build a new application ecosystem where a hundred flowers bloom. In terms of expanding the value cake, China Mobile will open up the billion-level user market, focus on new consumption scenarios, share customer groups, build platforms, and jointly invest sources through product integration and innovation, user joint operation, and mutual channel drainage. The information consumption potential of the domestic market will jointly meet the needs of users for a better digital life.

At the same time, China Mobile has also implemented the sharing mechanism, carried out 50 billion value sharing actions, optimized the construction of partner database, aggregated high-quality resources such as rights, content, cloud services, and pan-intelligent terminals, and deepened the sharing of DICT cooperation results. , service introduction, value sharing, etc., to actively empower the development of the industry.

In addition, China Mobile will also make active cooperation. Give full play to the role of capital bonds, rely on the "M&A, equity participation, venture capital" investment platform, and strive to achieve a scale of 100 billion yuan in mergers and acquisitions in the next five years, and cooperate with leading vertical industry companies to carry out technological innovation and application expansion, and set up ten billion yuan. Fund of funds to deepen The two-line layout of "direct investment + fund" creates a capital ecology of resource sharing and integrated development.

In terms of expanding the 5G application ecosystem, the role of China Telecom's 5G Industry Innovation Alliance will be further highlighted. At present, there are more than 200 alliance member units and nearly 1,000 development partners. In 19 provinces and cities across the country, 54 5G joint innovation centers have been established, and 5G research and development tests have been actively carried out in collaboration with alliance members and partners. China Telecom's 5G Open Lab has been successfully selected as "5G Application Industry Phalanx Innovation Center".

Also in the opinion of Ma Hongbing, general manager of China Unicom's operation and maintenance department, 5G network, as a supply-side capability provider, collides with the needs of vertical industries through the combination of flexible network architecture and operators' existing control technology and sensing technology , coupled with the business promotion on the demand side, the integration of the two parties can make the 5G ecological environment better.

China is the world leader in the 5G field, and it is precisely because of its leadership that there is no precedent to learn from, and it can only continue to explore. "So 5G is not just a matter for operators. It requires continuous exploration by various industries, the support of the government, and the generosity of consumers."

It is reported that the 5G Application Innovation Alliance led by China Unicom has gathered more than 1,000 industrial chain partners, and has made breakthroughs in the fields of industrial Internet, smart medical care, smart education, security, AR/VR and other fields. The application of 5G+ industrial Internet such as COMAC and Huomei has become a benchmark in the industry.

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