On August 28, Guang’an Yuechi South 220kV substation, the first semi Indoor Intelligent Substation in Guang’an with a total investment of nearly 150 million yuan, was officially put into operation, ending the history of no 220kV substation in the county, which also marks that all districts, cities and counties in Guang’an have their own 220kV substation, A strong smart grid composed of one 500kV substation and six 220kV substations has been formed in Guang’an.

In the past 21 years, the State Grid Guang’an Power supply company started from the county-level rural power grid at the beginning of its establishment. Bearing in mind the heavy trust of “we must build Guang’an well”, it has built a strong smart grid to support the economic and social development of urban and rural areas, lighting up the hometown of great people, and helping the leap forward development of Guang’an economy and society.

The 220 kV Yuechi South substation in Guang'an, Sichuan Province was officially put into operation

Focus on the progress of major projects and serve local economic and social development

In Yuechi, a series of major projects are being accelerated, including the construction of Chengdu and Guang’an biomedical double flying ground.

According to the person in charge of the dispatching center of State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company, after the 220 kV Substation in Yuechi south is completed and put into operation, 360000 KVA capacity will be added, which can meet the power demand of the whole county in the next 8-10 years. The sufficient power supply of the State Grid will put wings on the smooth progress of these major projects.

In addition, the site selection of Linshui South 220 kV substation, the second 220 kV Substation in Linshui County, has been completed. The construction of Zhongqiao 110 kV Substation in the main urban area of Guang’an is imminent, and the construction of Tangjiashan 110 kV Substation in wusheng will start next year. At the same time, State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company is planning to build the second 500 kV Substation in Guang’an.

Not only a supporting role, but also a leading role. This year, State Grid, together with Guang’an, polished the gold lettered signboard of power transmission and transformation industry.

On May 13, Guang’an Municipal People’s government and State Grid Sichuan electric power company held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in power transmission and transformation industry in Guang’an, jointly promoting Guang’an to build “the hometown of China’s power transmission and transformation installation” and “the hometown of China’s power transmission and transformation construction machinery manufacturing”.

State Grid will support Yuechi County, which has a good foundation in the power transmission and transformation industry, to set up a characteristic College of higher education to cultivate an excellent power construction team. It will also give full play to its own resources and technical advantages to assist Guang’an City in building a communication and cooperation platform with well-known power transmission and transformation construction machinery manufacturers at home and abroad, Actively promote the production enterprises of power transmission and transformation construction machinery and related enterprises of upstream and downstream industrial chain to settle down in the local area, and cooperate with the city to build the national power transmission and Transformation Machinery Trading and distribution center and power transmission and transformation construction machinery research and development center.

At present, the power transmission and transformation Industrial Park, the characteristic town of power transmission and transformation industry and Guang’an electric power vocational and technical college are being accelerated.

Focus on major projects and moderately advance the development of power grid. At present, the power planning of Guang’an City led by State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company has passed the review, completed the preliminary power planning of airport, high-speed rail and other major projects, and optimized the power sub planning of Huayingshan Shanju Kangyang City conceptual planning.

Help improve the quality of the city and rural revitalization, enhance people’s sense of access

On September 1, Chen Jieming, a villager in group 5 of diaojinglong village, Shengli Town, wusheng County, Guang’an City, was feeding more than 1000 ducks with machine processed feed“ In the past, due to voltage instability, feed was often processed at one or two o’clock in the morning. ” Chen Jieming said that after the transformation of the power grid, there will be no worry about electricity consumption even at the peak this summer.

Diaojinglong village is one of the more remote villages in wusheng County, about 30 kilometers away from the county seat. It is a provincial poverty village with 115 households and 320 people. Last year, the State Grid wusheng County power supply company invested more than 5 million yuan to upgrade the rural power grid in diaojinglong village. 2.92 km of 10kV lines and 29.12 km of low-voltage lines were newly built and reconstructed, 7 distribution transformers were increased and 5 distribution transformers were added. After sufficient power supply, more than 300 mu of late maturing citrus base was built in the village, and some villagers also developed planting and breeding industry. As of February this year, diaojinglong village has been lifted out of poverty.

“In recent years, State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company has invested nearly 500 million yuan in the reconstruction of power grids in poor villages, reconstructed more than 4000 km of high and low voltage lines, and added nearly 1400 distribution transformers.” The relevant person in charge of the development planning department of the State Grid Guang’an Power supply company said that the State Grid Guang’an Power supply company planned ahead of time, actively fought for projects, policies and funds, and the power grid construction helped the six districts, cities and counties of Guang’an to take the lead in poverty alleviation in the whole province.

“What we have solved before is whether there is power facilities in poor villages, and what we will solve next is whether it is good or not.” The person in charge said that in order to boost rural revitalization, this year, the State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company launched a total investment of 100 million yuan to upgrade the rural power grid in 2019, giving priority to the implementation of power grid transformation in poor villages.

Not only the revitalization of rural areas, but also the improvement of urban quality, the State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company is actively involved.

On August 31, Chen bang, who has been doing flour business in Guang’an lotus market for more than ten years, expressed his satisfaction with the power transformation of the old community of lotus market. “In the past, some residents in the community pulled their own wires, and the meters were scattered, and the lines were also mixed. After the power transformation, the previously scattered meters were concentrated in plastic meter boxes, and the scattered wires were also concentrated in plastic pipes, The wires leading to the door of the household have also been replaced, making power transmission safer. “

Since 2017, the State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company, together with the local government, has carried out comprehensive upgrading and transformation of the power infrastructure of the above-mentioned residential areas, including the residential areas that were transformed earlier in the old urban area, the early land acquisition and resettlement areas, and the abandoned management areas left by the real estate developers, with 50% of the financial investment and 50% of the State Grid Sichuan electric power company.

At present, the power grid reconstruction of old residential area in Guang’an, which is included in the livelihood project, is progressing rapidly. According to the relevant person in charge of the marketing department of State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company, the company has transformed the power supply and distribution facilities of 35 old residential areas, including Longzhu Jiayuan residential area, benefiting nearly 10000 households.

This year, the State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company also accelerated the improvement of the urban distribution network, with an investment of 11 million yuan; Tracking Chaoyang Avenue expansion, Wansheng District rainwater and sewage diversion and other municipal construction, starting power cable relocation.

Moreover, since the beginning of this year, State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company has actively used various policies to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas; The number of enterprises in Guang’an City participating in direct trading in the power market and the power consumption have doubled; Urban and rural residents implement the replacement electricity price in wet season, which turns the advantage of Sichuan’s hydropower electricity price into the step down electricity price of residents, so that the people have a stronger sense of access to electricity.

Innovating the power service of young volunteers to build a “connecting bridge”

On August 27, Tan Juntian, a 22-year-old Guang’an boy who just graduated from China University of mining and technology and joined the State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company, spent the last week of new employee training. During the day, he went to repair with the masters, and at night, he went to the community with the state grid Sichuan electric power (Guang’an) communist service team to “set up stalls” to publicize smart meters and get electricity cards for users. Although it’s very hard, he said that every time he sees the masses praise the State Grid brand, he is very happy and proud.

Founded in 2003, Guang’an Power Communist service team strictly abides by the tenet of “serving the people wholeheartedly” and the oath of “responding to every need and helping every difficulty”. For many years, it has provided the people of Guang’an with high-quality power supply service of “you use electricity, I use my heart” and practiced the original intention and mission of power people.

As time goes on, only one Communist Party member service team set up in Guang’an City has been unable to meet the needs of fast-growing urbanization power customers. In 2015, under the guidance of State Grid Sichuan electric power company, State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company established four new Communist Party members service teams in Huaying, Linshui and wusheng counties (cities).

More than that, relying on the volunteer team of Party members, in Guanghui community, zhoujiaxiang, Anlong and other 11 communities of Guang’an District, the State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company has established a party member heart to heart service station covering all the State Grid supply areas in Guang’an City, and relying on the working methods of community grid members and wechat group to solve the problems encountered by the masses in power consumption for the first time. In rural areas, Rural Power Party members also set up the vanguard of Communist Party members, extending the oath of “responding to requests and helping in difficulties” to the fields

Extending from city to county, from city to countryside, State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company adheres to the fine traditions of responding to demands, acting quickly, helping the weak and helping the poor, and builds a “heart connecting bridge” between the party and the masses, enterprises and customers with hard work, sweat, dedication and true feelings.

Young electric power people like Tan Juntian feel not only spirit and service, but also technology and attitude in Guang’an electric power Communist service team. At present, Meng Yuan, the leader of Guang’an Power Communist service team, is the only female “craftsman” of State Grid. Meng Yuan’s skill master studio, led by her, was upgraded to the national skill master studio in September 2017, which was also the only national skill master studio of Guang’an City and State Grid Sichuan power at that time. Here, Meng Yuan teaches technology to tan Juntian and other new employees.

On January 16 of this year, the State Grid Guang’an Power Supply Company held the 2018 annual innovation achievement release and commendation conference of Mengyuan skill master studio. Six research teams showed the innovation achievements, the innovation achievements and mental outlook of “craftsman”, and created an innovation atmosphere of cultivating and inheriting “craftsman spirit”.

“We should learn from the Mongolian team leader, practice the spirit of craftsman, be in Guang’an, work in Guang’an, and serve our customers with exquisite technology.” Tan Juntian said.

Source;Sichuan Daily

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