Recently, the “China Telecom Terminal Insight Report 2022 Edition” report was officially released. Honor’s high-end flagship Honor Magic4 series has performed well in many evaluation models. Honor Magic4Pro and Honor Magic4 Standard Edition are divided into more than 5,000 yuan, 3,500-5,000 yuan gear [TOP1 for comprehensive communication performance], [TOP1 for 5G performance evaluation] ], [Game performance evaluation TOP1], [Wi-Fi performance evaluation TOP1] and [GNSS performance evaluation TOP1] and many other official approvals.

As a masterpiece of the Honor Magic series, the Honor Magic 4 series is regarded by the industry as a “user pain point terminator”, bringing a flagship experience of “everywhere further” in multiple dimensions of the user experience. This time, the Honor Magic4 series has topped many lists in the “China Telecom Terminal Insight Report 2020”, which is well deserved.

As we all know, Honor has significant advantages in communication technology and underlying training. The excellent performance of Honor Magic4 series in 5G, WIFI, and GNSS is inseparable from its years of deep exploration in the field of communication. In terms of communication performance, the Honor Magic4 series supports 5G, 4G, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 6, 5GHz Wi-Fi 6 quad-network synergistic acceleration when equipped with Honor’s proud LINK Turbo X, 5G, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 6, 5GHz Wi-Fi 6 three concurrent networks to achieve ultra-high-speed download. It is worth mentioning that the Honor Magic4 series can intelligently build a signal cloud map, predict the user’s action path, and allow users to enjoy a fast and sensitive network experience even when they enter the poor network area.

At the same time, in terms of game experience, thanks to Honor’s powerful underlying tuning capabilities and the empowerment of three Turbo technologies, the Honor Magic4 series can maximize the performance advantages of the Snapdragon 8 chip and become the flagship mobile phone with the highest performance among the same chips. It is also the key to its TOP1 in game performance evaluation.

The Honor Magic4 series is a deep work under Honor’s “two-wheel drive” product philosophy. In addition to performance, it also brings comprehensive breakthroughs in multiple dimensions such as image, screen, privacy and security. The fully upgraded multi-camera fusion computational photography system brings users a better mobile imaging experience in night scene video, portrait shooting, telephoto shooting and creative gameplay. A high score; in order to achieve a better eye protection experience when making smooth proposals, the Honor Magic4 series is the first in the industry to support LTPO technology and 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming to better protect eye health; Honor Magic4Pro is the industry’s first smart privacy call Function, voice transmission into secret, to avoid privacy leakage caused by phone voice leakage.

In fact, with the “further” breakthroughs in multiple dimensions, after the official release of the Honor Magic4 series, it has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign technology media. The overseas authoritative media Journal du Geek believes: “The Honor Magic4 Pro is a very promising smartphone that cannot be ignored.” The domestic surging news also said: “This year’s Magic4 series, Honor has positioned the Magic series from a purely technological exploration. , transformed into the flagship “core” of the entire Honor mobile phone category, and the Magic series is more worthy of consumers’ expectations.”

As a guide to digital consumption of public life, China Telecom Terminal Insight Report has always provided a reliable basis for the majority of users to purchase phones with an objective and professional attitude. This time, the Honor Magic4 series has won many championships, which further proves its strong product strength. At present, the Honor Magic4 series is selling well in all online and offline channels such as major Honor malls, major authorized e-commerce companies, Honor experience stores, and Honor retail stores.

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