UAV industry is in the ascendant. The stampede in the consumer industry has caused a blowout in the past year. Whether it’s bubble or not, a boom has seen many entrepreneurs and investors blossom everywhere. But after a period of precipitation, a period of exhibition real buyers scarce and manufacturers wandering manufacturers stage, the industry gradually attributed to rationality.

Why UAVs don’t keep booming? In addition to the camera drone, why not take advantage of the situation in the industry to form a large number of applications? In fact, the answer is very simple, just two points. Due to the current technology, the safety, reliability and endurance of UAVs are far from meeting the requirements of customers in various industries.

Let’s start with safety and reliability. A search on the Internet shows that all UAV products are very safe and reliable, but what’s the truth? Far from high standards. Of course, some people will say that the probability is very small, but for most customers, safety production can not tolerate a little carelessness. He once talked with users about this problem. He mentioned that I really want to use UAVs. If they fly safely and reliably, they can really solve many problems. But once the plane falls down, if it doesn’t touch people or other equipment, the damage to the plane is still a small matter. However, if it encounters people or other key equipment, the risk can’t be borne.

So the reality is that many customers buy UAVs and offer them like an uncle. They dare not fly. Once they fall, they will be damaged by fixed assets. Gradually, customers are more cautious about how to use UAVs, and they are in a wait-and-see state.

Let’s talk about endurance. Oil powered UAVs are relatively better and have longer endurance, but they are mainly fixed wing aircraft. Once it comes to the application scenarios suitable for multi rotor and helicopter, endurance becomes a nightmare for all customers who want to use UAVs well. Originally, they need to be in the air for several hours or dozens of hours, but the electric aircraft basically runs out of power in a few minutes or a better hour In this case, it is impossible for customers to have a good application experience, which will become a piece of empty talk.

So if these two problems can be solved, it can not be said that all application scenarios of UAV can be applied well immediately, but in some specific fields, it can definitely be promoted, such as high-altitude lookout, emergency communication, antenna extension, radar countermeasures, etc. the application prospect of these fields is huge enough, whether military or civil.

What kind of UAV can achieve this effect? The answer is a tethered UAV, or rather a tethered platform system. Ground power supply, through the composite cable to the air UAV platform for unlimited power supply, set up the photoelectric pod, communication base station, micro radar and so on, completely solved the customer’s problem.

The problem of safety and reliability is that the tethered UAV needs to hover stably at high altitude, and it does not need to do a lot of maneuvers. This determines that the UAV is only in the three processes of take-off, hovering and landing, and the simple action greatly reduces the failure rate. To say the least, even if the aircraft loses control, it can not fly out of a circular area with the cable length as the radius A circular area of security work, to avoid almost all the risks, this is a prerequisite.

Ground power supply, unlimited hover, relative to most of the UAV with dozens of minutes of dead time, such a endurance time is too good.

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