The PL series narrow pulse current source can be used in VCSEL and other test scenarios that need narrow pulse excitation.

PL series equipment has two channels:

① The constant current pulse excitation source can synchronously measure the voltage at both ends of the device to be tested;

② Pulse current measurement channel, especially suitable for measuring pulse optical power by external PD;

PL series equipment can output the following waveforms: waveform amplitude, step value, pulse number can be programmed.

① DC constant current;

② DC scanning current;

③ Pulse DC current;

④ Pulse scanning current;

Test scenario and operation steps of PL series equipment of prosex instrument

The block diagram of liv test using PL series equipment of proses instrument is as follows: it is mainly composed of PL series equipment, special connecting line, test board, integrating sphere, laser to be tested and optical receiving PD. The output power of VCSEL laser is generally large, but the received power of PD is small, so it needs to use integrator to attenuate the optical power. At the same time, the reflection characteristics of integrating sphere make the laser system not very sensitive to the incident angle of laser light.

The equipment outputs the following signals: LD +, LD -, S +, s -, PD +, Pd -, in which LD +, LD – are constant current source output excitation signals, S +, s – are device voltage measurement signals to be tested, PD +, Pd – are external PD measurement signals.

In order to ensure the quality of signal output, PL series equipment needs to use the special connection line customized by Purcell. At the same time, the connection from the test board to the device to be tested should be minimized. It is better to directly weld the device to the test board or use socket.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the voltage measurement of the device to be tested, S + and S – need to be short circuited to LD + and LD – on the pins of the device to be tested. Please make sure that s + and S – are connected to the pins of the device to be tested, and do not short circuited directly on the test board.

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