The intelligent gateway has free embedded peanut shell PHTunnel, which can quickly realize the remote external network configuration gateway!

As the core component of Peanut Shell's intranet penetration, Peanut Shell PHTunnel can be integrated into various networks and smart IoT devices, without the need for a public network IP, as long as there is a network, it can easily penetrate various complex routes and firewalls to achieve external The network accesses various applications of the intranet, and has a powerful intranet penetration function.

Following the embedded peanut shell PHTunnel in 4G industrial routers and USB Server devices, today I would like to share with you the intranet penetration solution of the peanut shell PHTunnel embedded in the intelligent gateway of Shanghai Wei Miao Information Technology.

Micro Gateway is a gateway deployed on the edge side of the network. It connects the physical and digital worlds through functions such as network connection and protocol conversion, and provides lightweight connection management, real-time data analysis, and application management functions.

In order to meet the user's remote external network access requirements for gateway devices, Micro Technology integrates the Peanut Shell PHTunnel SDK into the gateway management system, providing users with a convenient intranet penetration service window. Network mapping to quickly realize remote external network access to gateway data.

Let me share with you how to provide efficient and stable intranet penetration services for Wei Miao users through the peanut shell PHTunnel solution.

Enable Peanutshell PHTunnel from Gateway Management System

After connecting the gateway to the router, enter the local management IP192.***.88 on the computer to log in to the Wimini management system;

After logging in to the management system, open the peanut shell page and enable the service, you can see the login SN code assigned by the peanut shell, and then click the management page to jump to the peanut shell web management login interface;

Enter the SN code assigned by Peanut Shell and the default password admin, and log in to the Peanut Shell Web management background;

In the "Intranet Penetration" section of the Peanut Shell Web management background, click "+" to add a mapping;

2 port mappings need to be added here, one port 80 is used for external network page access, and one port 10022 is used to debug the gateway device; first set port 80, the application name can be customized, the domain name will be automatically generated by the gift of peanut shell, and the mapping type will be selected. HTTP, fill in for the internal network host, fill in 80 for the internal network port, and then click OK to generate an external network access address;

In the same way, set port 10022, select the mapping type to support the protocol TCP of the gateway device, and click OK after filling in;

A total of two access addresses are generated;

In the external network environment, the browser can successfully access the gateway management system by entering the access address generated by the peanut shell HTTP, that is, the mapping is successful.

By integrating the peanut shell PHTunnel, Wei Miao users can quickly realize the remote access to the external network of the gateway device, and can realize the flexible configuration of the gateway data, which is convenient for users to use the gateway device.

Simple, efficient, stable, peanut shell PHTunnel free embedded intranet penetration solution

Peanut Shell PHTunnel is a free embedded SDK provided by Bairui Technology's open platform for personal and enterprise developers. It is implemented in C language, with a minimum of about 80KB. It can easily implement high-performance reverse proxy applications, and supports TCP, UDP, HTTP, and HTTPS. Protocol, end-to-end TLS encrypted communication, black and white list anti-black verification, etc.; covering Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Mac, Android and other mainstream operating systems.

At present, TP-LINK, ZTE, 360, Xiaomi and other companies have embedded peanut shells. The peanut shell PHTunnel embedded intranet penetration solution will also help more small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce development costs, increase the added value of enterprises, and provide more users with convenient intranet penetration services.

Just go to the open platform of Bairui Technology's official website to apply to become a developer, download the Peanut Shell PHTunnel SDK to start running, and interested developers can go to the PC to download and experience.

Peanut shell can be widely used in OA/ERP/CRM system, NAS private cloud, video surveillance, development and testing, FTP/SVN/MAC server, Windows remote desktop, Web website, WeChat public account, applet, remote sensing mapping, industry 4.0, etc. Various intranet applications and devices have provided professional intranet penetration services for more than 18 million users.

The Bairui open platform is now fully open, and enterprises are sincerely invited to settle in, so that your software/hardware can quickly penetrate the intranet:

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