According to foreign media reports, last year, during the autonomous investor day, Tesla formulated the overall plan of autonomous Tesla fleet as an “automatic taxi” service. Of course, at that time, this seemed wishful thinking, because no automobile manufacturer could achieve level 5 fully automatic driving under the definition of standard SAE.

Now, the idea still seems to be a fantasy. However, Elon Musk is not worried about the problems he may face in practicability, technology, logistics and good judgment. On Sunday, he confirmed on twitter that the service will complete functional preparations in 2020.

Tesla's autonomous driving team will complete preparations this year and will serve as an "automatic taxi" in the future

The autoplot currently provided by Tesla is a very competent advanced driver assistance system suite, but it is obvious that it is far from being able to achieve complete automatic driving. So Musk’s readiness remains to be discussed.

Tesla officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

But wait, there’s actually more information. You may not realize that Tesla Model 3 has embedded an internal view camera facing the driver in the rear view mirror from the beginning. Tesla said the device has been dormant, but musk has revealed that it will be used as a means of passenger monitoring when an autonomous taxi starts.

In addition to serving robot taxis, the interior camera can also be used as a “selfie camera” (but note that the picture taken by the camera seems to be black and white).

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