With the competition of new energy vehicles entering the white hot stage, the current consumer friends’ attention to electric vehicles also began to pay more attention to the upstream batteries.

On the Tesla battery day held in September this year, Tesla swiped the global media circle with the “revolutionary” battery 4680.

Musk is also crazy to “bring goods” on the battery day, saying that the energy density of this battery is increased by five times, the range is increased by 16%, and the electric power is increased by six times compared with the polar ear battery.

Recently, Tesla showed the assembly information of the first batch of 4680 batteries.

According to the official introduction, the new battery pack adopts the modular design, which is composed of about 960 (40×24) batteries, which is much less than the battery pack composed of thousands of 2170 batteries, because the energy density of 4680 battery has increased five times, reaching 300wh / kg.

Tesla shows the assembly drawing of 4680 battery, the electrodeless ear has less heat

It is reported that the length of the 4680 battery is 80mm. It adopts the technology of laser engraving electrodeless ear, which removes the main heating parts of the battery, reduces the internal resistance, and improves the thermal stability and controllability of the battery.

In addition, under the new assembly and battery pack design technology, musk said that the 4680 battery saved about 86% of the total cost, while the cost per kWh was reduced by 76%. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles have more cost advantages.

Tesla shows the assembly drawing of 4680 battery, the electrodeless ear has less heat

Tesla shows the assembly drawing of 4680 battery, the electrodeless ear has less heat

At the same time, the battery will be put into production by Panasonic, which will set up a new production line at the super factory in Nevada as Panasonic’s 14th production line at Tesla factory. After the new production line is put into operation, the capacity of the plant can be increased by 10%, reaching 39gwh per year.

It is worth mentioning that musk previously said that this 4680 battery has been used in some prototype cars, but due to mass production problems, this electric battery will be widely used in the future.

Although Tesla didn’t disclose which car used 4680 batteries. However, according to the model SPAD model released some time ago, the range of the car exceeds 840km, and it only takes more than 2 seconds to accelerate 100 km. It is reasonable to guess that the car is a prototype carrying 4680.

At present, the modelsplaid model has been put on the official website of Tesla China, with a scheduled price of 1174900 yuan and an expected delivery date of the end of 2021.

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