Now that we want to talk about why Tesla wins, we can find out what is different from Tesla and why it can stand out as an emerging brand?

No, I don’t know. The marketing and functional configuration of new energy vehicles, which seem very popular and normal, actually originate from Tesla. And Tesla has always been at the forefront of industry change. Every new energy vehicle enterprise has more or less the shadow of Tesla.

Building brand image from top to bottom

In 2020, China’s new energy vehicle industry can be said to be the largest. In the first half of the year, Tesla sold 46000 vehicles in China, and more than 10000 of them were sold in three months. To be blunt, Tesla’s average sales volume in the first half of this year is higher than the total sales of some new energy vehicle enterprises in the first half of this year. The reason why Tesla’s sales volume is higher under the epidemic situation is closely related to the capacity expansion after the establishment of Tesla China factory and years of brand marketing.

Ever since musk took over Tesla, it has been built into a high-end new energy vehicle. Even Tesla is only an important part of Musk’s energy strategy, which makes Tesla bring its own magic aura since its birth. Before the launch of model 3, the price of imported Tesla models was generally above 600000 yuan. Even though Tesla was humble in China at that time, it only took a few years to become a luxury car with a history of one hundred years in Europe and the United States.

Even if the price of the domestic model 3 goes down and down again and again, the quality of the car’s workmanship simply does not match the value of its luxury car. The “door of reducing the number of accessories” and “the door of refusing to pay” continue, which has been unable to change Tesla’s image of high-end and technology in the eyes of most consumers.

The success of Tesla brand has also become an example of new domestic car making forces, such as Weilai automobile and ideal one, which have raised their starting point to the future leader of automobile technology, and with the influence of the rise of new energy vehicles, they have passed on the image of domestic luxury cars to consumers.

Tesla is at the forefront of new energy vehicle industry reform

Although we have been shouting slogans to let domestic new energy vehicles overtake, the fact is that many domestic automobile enterprises lacking technical connotation and courage have missed the period of building new energy vehicle brand image. Instead, during this period, they use low-cost and low-quality models to market and get subsidies. In short-term, they have formed a public image of “domestic new energy vehicle garbage” It’s no surprise that Tesla, a puzzling competitor, has opened up its territory at home.

Brand new marketing thinking moves consumers

When BBA are still in major TV stations, advertising products on tall, Tesla has begun to use word-of-mouth marketing on the Internet to conduct fission user communication. Tesla CEO musk has also built himself into an “Iron Man” in the automotive industry. With the marketing thinking of the Internet and the new theme of new energy vehicles, Tesla has constantly occupied the minds of users.

On Tesla’s official website, there are the most popular social platforms abroad, through which Tesla interacts with potential consumers. With China becoming an important market for Tesla, microblog and wechat official accounts also appear on Tesla’s Chinese version of the official website. Any company’s trends or musk’s remarks can be directly transmitted to users through social media. Tesla’s mode of communication with users through social media has become the standard configuration for subsequent auto companies.

Let’s take a look at who the first batch of Tesla owners are, entertainment stars, technology stars and enterprise stars. In the first 1000 customers list, there are two Google founders, movie star Schwarzenegger and other celebrities. Among them, there are 9 Chinese people, including Sina CEO Cao Guowei and automobile house president Li Xiang. These stars from all walks of life are not only the most dazzling stars of Tesla It is also Tesla’s best product positioning.

Finally, I have to mention hunger marketing, which is familiar to all the users who have bought the early products of Xiaomi. As an Internet marketing method, Tesla plays it skillfully. Even at a time when the proportion of intelligent manufacturing is extremely high, Tesla can still use the technology of insufficient production capacity to play hungry marketing, so that it once again implanted the thinking inertia of “buy Tesla sooner or wait”.

Take a look at the marketing methods of domestic automobile enterprises. In addition to the new force of “Tesla does what we do”, domestic new energy automobile enterprises still use the traditional marketing mode, trying to convince consumers that it is not so bad to buy new energy vehicles by telling brand stories, function stories and cost-effective stories, but consumers have already known about new energy vehicles Advantages and disadvantages, the main reason why they choose these brands is that they have no choice but to pay pressure and rigid demand, not because they like it.

O2o online distribution mode breaks the tradition

“Why does Tesla adhere to the online distribution model?” This should be the first time that most users come into contact with Tesla. In China, it is not easy to establish a perfect system of automobile 4S stores, but Tesla has to do the opposite. After entering the Chinese market, Tesla first established not 4S stores, but experience centers in the core business districts of various cities.

Every Tesla experience store is presented to consumers in a transparent way. At this time, it is not only a brand store of new energy vehicles, but also a pioneer in cultivating users of new energy vehicles. When consumers go to the offline store to experience and finally decide to place an order, they need to place an order on the official website.

Although Tesla is an emerging automobile brand, it has a good understanding of the dark side of the industry chain of automobile 4S stores and consumers’ aversion to it. “4S stores without pit dad can profit from it”, instead, it has become one of the advantages that Tesla can sell well.

What’s more interesting is that choosing Tesla is actually more difficult than choosing ordinary cars. In addition to different models of Tesla, many functions need to be equipped with personalized optional packages, such as automatic driving function, and even the number and mileage of motors can be added. Different configuration options can only be checked when placing an order online. The staff of Tesla’s offline experience store can only work as an adviser nearby.

From 4S store sales staff eager for quick success and instant profit, to experience store staff providing suggestions according to user’s personal needs, although the seemingly identical distribution process, it brings totally different experience. Especially when luxury car 4S stores are frequently exposed to harm consumers, Tesla’s unique charm is more prominent.

Using charging service to impress consumers

“Tesla sells well because of the self built super charging station”. Li Xiang’s remarks not only caused great thinking of the new energy vehicle industry, but also caused a controversy.

What is the endurance of domestic Tesla Model 3? NEDC’s comprehensive endurance mileage is 445km. This is undoubtedly a slap in the face for many new energy vehicle enterprises that have entered the 500km club. Can’t consumers see that Tesla has less endurance and higher price than us. Why do you buy it?

However, consumers can stop the mouth of these car companies with a word, “Tesla super charging pile charging speed is fast, good network experience.”

It is true that at the moment when the infrastructure of new energy vehicles is not perfect, even in the first tier cities, it is difficult to say that you can find a charging pile at any time. Moreover, before you get to the charging point, there are a series of unknown problems waiting for you, such as being occupied by fuel vehicles, being occupied by fully charged vehicles, unable to charge, unable to pay.

In contrast, Tesla’s super charging station is often set up in an important hub of the city, and has a clear exclusive parking space prompt. Not only is the charging speed fast, but also the charging process is monitored by Tesla’s app, and problems are reported at any time. If you can’t leave in time after full charge, you will also face high overtime charges.

Recently, Tesla V3 super charging station has been set up in Beijing, with a range of 250km within 15 minutes after charging. At such a speed, users’ anxiety about slow charging is greatly reduced. Now both Weilai and Xiaopeng are starting to build their own super charging stations, trying to catch up with Tesla in the field of charging service.

When Tesla entered China many years ago, there were still debates about whether Tesla would give up its unique charging port and choose China’s national standard. Even some automobile enterprise executives said that Tesla’s choice of its own charging interface was suicide. Now it seems that it is because of Tesla’s unique charging function and sparing no effort to expand the super charging station, Tesla has become the most personalized player in the field of new energy vehicles.


There are many unique features of Tesla, such as the fully enclosed design of the air intake grille, the central control vertical large screen, the powerful push back feeling of accelerating for 3 seconds after 100 km, and so on. Now it seems that some of these functions have become accustomed to the novelty, and even take them as the standard configuration of new energy vehicles for granted.

Tesla wins because it makes people’s new energy vehicles look like Tesla. Other car companies can only learn from Tesla and cannot surpass Tesla.

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