Tektronix cooperates with Amway Japan to enable the industry-leading receiver verification scheme, which improves the world-class transmitter and reference clock test suite.

Beijing, China, February 26, 2021 – Tektronix, the world’s leading provider of test and measurement solutions, has launched the new pciexpress in collaboration with Amway ® 5.0 transceiver (basic version and CEM) and reference clock solutions, becoming the first company to provide early CEM fixtures for pre conformance testing. Tektronix and Japan Anli cooperate to enable the industry-leading receiver verification scheme, which improves the world-class transmitter and reference clock test suite.

Chris Witt, vice president and general manager of Tektronix, said: “as the first company to provide CEM test fixture for pciegen5, we are very proud to help our customers speed up the pace of innovation once again and let them take a step ahead of the competition.”

Due to the new requirements of 400g Ethernet, cloud artificial intelligence and modeling (coprocessor), storage capacity and NAND based memory, the server / storage industry is rapidly migrating to pciexpress5.0. This rapid evolution brings a series of new problems to test and measurement. Pci-sig traditionally divides test and measurement into basic silicon level verification and CEM conformance test.

“Today’s electronic designers need to be future oriented to protect the adaptability of their innovative technologies to the future.” “We offer solutions up to gen6, and customers can feel our commitment to be at the forefront of development with them,” said Takeshi Shima, vice president of Amway

“With the emergence of gen5 standard, PCI is becoming faster and more complex. Engineers are facing many new design challenges, such as shortening the product development cycle, understanding and applying new standards and specifications, and facing many new conformance testing requirements.” David bouse, pciexpress System Engineer at Tektronix, said, “it is very important to have complete test equipment and software solutions before workshop certification. Our pcie5.0 testing and debugging solution can easily guide engineers to complete conformance testing and debugging, and ensure that the design meets the new standards with high confidence. “

Tektronix pciexpress5.0 transceiver and reference clock solutions are developed according to 5.0 basic specification, 5.0 CEM specification and 5.0 test specification, and are constantly adjusted according to the development of standards. The main features include:

Pciexpress5.0 (32gt / s) automatic basic CEM transceiver solution runs on dpo70000sx series 70ghz real-time oscilloscope and Anli mp1900a signal quality analyzer R series (BERT)

Tektronix’s new receiver automation software adopts efficient algorithm to realize 32gt / s and 16gt / s pressure eye diagram calibration

First class tool support, including sigtestphoenix with high parallel processing capability, reduces the overall test time

Various shapes (m.2 and U.2) and clock architecture (CC, SRNS, SRIs)

In order to optimize a / D range and minimize noise, 32gt / s uncorrelated jitter and pulse width jitter measurements are implemented according to 5.0 basic specification

Fully integrated with the PCI clock jitter tool of silicon labs and the dpojet tool of Tektronix to solve the increasing challenge of 100MHz reference clock jitter and signal integrity measurement

The industry’s first pre conformance test fixture for pcie5.0 CEM test

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