Beijing, China, January 28, 2021 – The oscilloscope has always been an important tool for engineers to design and debug products, and it is also a widely used and basic test instrument for electronic measurement.

At the beginning of the new year, the first gift Tektronix gave to engineers was the [Tektronix Oscilloscope Baixuetang], which helped engineers systematically consolidate the foundation and practice basic skills, so that they could be more handy in complex and complex applications.

Tektronix Baixuetang brings you 10 basic operation videos of oscilloscope. Later, new videos will be released in the Tektronix WeChat public account. Everyone can control each video within 10 minutes. It is comprehensive, compact, and quick to get started, and you are familiar with the basic operation of oscilloscope. , let the measurement be targeted and get twice the result with half the effort! Here is a brief introduction to the first three lectures, of which the first two lectures have been launched, and the third lecture please look forward to it.

Lecture 1: Sharpening knives is not a mistake for chopping wood, and preparations must be done well

As the saying goes, "Sharpening a knife does not cut wood by mistake", we must prepare well before measuring, so that we can not panic when we have food in our hands. The first video mainly introduces some necessary preparations before using the oscilloscope to formally measure. The basic preparations include: confirmation of the measurement purpose; clean and tidy workbench; whether the environmental requirements of the DUT are compliant; whether the DUT needs special treatment; confirmation of the adapted probe; preparation of measurement accessories, etc. The final step is the compensation and calibration of the probe. Everything is ready to start measuring!

It is recommended that newcomers take a few minutes to read the quick start guide and become familiar with the basic operation of the oscilloscope, so that they can achieve more with less effort after starting the measurement.

Lecture 2: Is being fat a disease? Why do oscilloscope readings double

This video begins by explaining one of the most common oscilloscope phenomena: reading multiplication. When we connect the oscilloscope to the waveform generator, the waveform amplitude reading displayed by the oscilloscope is twice the amplitude set by the waveform generator. What is going on? How to solve this problem? In response to this phenomenon, the second lecture video reproduces this phenomenon, explains the principle, and gives solutions.

Lecture 3: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, how to grab a sine wave

The third video introduces the most basic and most common typical waveform – the measurement method of the sine wave, and combines this process to introduce the relevant basic operations of the oscilloscope. The video introduces how to set automatically; how to adjust the horizontal and vertical scale; how to set simple trigger conditions, including the concept of trigger type and trigger level and the adjustment method. In addition, the concept of coupling, including channel coupling and trigger coupling, is also introduced in the video.

There is also a quiz question with prizes at the back of each video. If you answer correctly, you will have 1 chance to participate in the big turntable lottery. The system will regularly push the next video and quiz questions with prizes. If you answer any 5 questions correctly in total, 100% of the prizes will be awarded; Fans who answer all 10 questions correctly can get a certificate from the Tektronix Baixuetang and a New Year's lucky bag. Enter the [Tektronix Technology] WeChat public account to watch the video, or log in to the B station [Tektronix Technology]

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