Preface: I’m xiaotai. Xiaotai can test thousands of electronic devices a year, but she still has time to take a walk. How did he do it?

The electronic age makes xiaotai’s travel faster. Accurate timing can reduce waiting time. With the powerful help of Ethernet, xiaotai can intelligently identify identity information and quickly pass the security check;

With the help of USB2.0 express, you can arrive at the terminal in time, buy a cup of coffee and just wait for boarding;

DDR3 flight can shorten the journey time by one third and reach the destination faster;

During the voyage, tiny turbulence was detected in real time. With the help of electronic equipment, the flight posture was adjusted in time, and xiaotai was not affected at all;

Take the new noise reduction earphone to enjoy music and travel safely and comfortably;

After getting off the plane, the mobile phone calls to tell us that the smart car is in place. Spectrum view software restores the invisible waveform to the original signal, so that the call is clear and smooth, and the car can be picked up smoothly;

The intelligent driverless car makes the journey to the scenic spot easier. It starts with one button and displays the real-time road conditions on the cool big screen. It’s easy and in a good mood all the way;

As a science and technology trendsetter, photo clock is indispensable. The smart phone designed with Mipi bus function can restore all kinds of beautiful scenery, which is worth a circle of friends;

To ensure that the necessary electronic equipment is always on-line during the journey, stable power supply support is essential.

Just said nine travel scenes, Xiao Tai can easily test them. Who is xiaotai? Xiaotai is a Tektronix mso6b oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 10G, a sampling rate of 50g and eight channels. It helps engineers complete their tasks in time and travel at will【 Oscillograph travel guide | how can engineers start a walk on the go This paper is the first “fast boarding without delay”.

Ethernet power, intelligent identification of identity information, fast through security

Tektronix oscilloscope provides a powerful tool for embedded system designers dealing with Ethernet bus. It provides powerful automatic trigger, decoding and search functions, and can analyze address information, control information, data information and clock information contained in the signal for you.

Ethernet technology has become one of the most widely used data interface technologies. Most electronic devices provide Ethernet interface to access the network to complete data communication and control. In order to ensure the interoperability between devices, the Ethernet interface must pass the conformance test. However, there are many conformance testing projects and complex processes. High speed Ethernet interfaces such as 10GBASE-T need to be downward compatible with the previous low speed standards such as 10Base-T, which brings more challenges to the conformance testing of Ethernet. For Ethernet testing, engineers often face the following problems:

Not familiar with conformance testing specification and process;

There are many test items, which need complex equipment and fixtures, and involve time domain and frequency domain measurement, so the test process is prone to errors, and it is difficult to pass the test;

Collect test data, generate professional conformance test report, communicate with downstream users or suppliers.

In order to solve the problem of Ethernet conformance testing, Tektronix recommends and configures 10g / 5G / 2.5gbase-t and 1000 / 100 / 10Base-T conformance testing, analysis and debugging systems based on mso64 oscilloscope.

Tektronix introduces consistency test and analysis debugging system based on mso64 oscilloscope

Reach the terminal in time with USB2.0 express channel

The next generation of digital interface standards (serial, memory, display, etc.) will promote the limitation of consistency and diagnostic tools, resulting in high-speed TX and Rx design challenges, including: limited signal access due to small device size; bus behavior with new energy-saving solutions; use of signal interfaces to verify new signal coding and equalization capabilities; too many electronic verification tests, Too little time!

Tektronix introduces consistency test and analysis debugging system based on mso64 oscilloscope

In USB2.0 bus communication fault test, oscilloscope is a necessary tool. It provides timing and amplitude information in the early stage, and also provides protocol level diagnostic information when equipped with decoding function. By selecting serial trigger and analysis function, mso6b oscilloscope provides a powerful tool for embedded system designers who develop USB 2.0 bus. In addition, in DDR3, Mipi and other high-speed signal interface test, Tektronix oscilloscope can help you greatly improve work efficiency, fast “boarding”!

Tektronix’s automated measurement kit speeds up the PHY verification cycle and ensures consistency. When conformance measurement fails, protocol decoding, visual trigger and other tools can be used to accelerate debugging. Jitter and noise, such as crosstalk or other multichannel noise coupling, are determined in the source.

Tektronix solutions help you solve the design challenges of USB, Mipi and DDR3 high-speed interface standard testing. Ultra low noise, ultra-high resolution, perfect support for Mipi / DDR / USB

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