From the legend of Chang’e flying to the moon and Kua Fu chasing the sun, to Tao Chengdao’s attempt to make a homemade rocket to fly to the sky, and then to the successful launch of the first man-made satellite, human beings are infinitely close to the dream of flying to the sky, and the vast starry sky has witnessed countless extreme challenges.

On September 20, 2020, with 3051 UAVs flying at the same time and lighting up the night in Zhuhai, the Guinness world record of “the most UAVs flying at the same time” was renewed

As aerospace science and technology move towards the era of intelligence, networking and miniaturization, the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will not only give human beings a new posture to pursue their dreams, but also bring human beings to the “perspective of God” to view the world and link the world in a new way. To make as many UAVs fly at the same time as possible has become an important symbol of UAV technical ability, attracting people to continue to refresh the Guinness world record of “the most UAVs fly at the same time”.

On September 20, 2020, with 3051 UAVs taking off and lighting up Zhuhai at the same time, the Guinness world record of “the most UAVs flying at the same time” was renewed. The winner of the new record title, Shenzhen Da Mo Da Zhi Kong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Da Mo Da Zhi Kong”), has also proved itself through a self challenge and won the attention of millions of people. Behind this is a story about persisting in the dream and chasing the starry sky.

Technology breakthrough "push up" more UAVs into the air, creating its own world record

More than 3000 unmanned aerial vehicles have been prepared by desert intelligent control

From one hundred to one thousand, technological breakthroughs “boost” more UAVs

Guinness world record title “the most UAVs flying at the same time” itself is the witness of the rapid iteration of UAV technology. There are 100, 500, more than 1000, more than 2000 and more than 3000 aircraft. The rising track of the number of records confirms mankind’s increasing technological confidence and determination to overcome difficulties. Behind them are countless technological innovations and iterations.

Qin haiqun, director of the desert intelligent control flight Engineering Department, said in an interview that there are three technical elements needed to be in place to ensure the smooth launch of more than 3000 UAVs and carry out complex graphic performances. First of all, the stability of the single UAV control system is the premise; second, the effective cooperation between the hardware and software of the aircraft can ensure that the system is smooth and not stuck; finally, the route planning is very critical. Only by carefully planning and designing the flight route of each UAV, can the whole cluster take off orderly and complete the task. Among them, communication stability is the core.

In order to solve the technical problems such as the instability of communication system, the online and offline integrated communication system based on 5g local area network, which was launched in 2019, is used by Da Mo intelligent control. It is this key technology that enables the number of UAVs to rise from 100 to thousands, achieving simultaneous launch.

Aerial image

Qin haiqun said that the performance of more than 3000 UAVs involves a very large space, which puts forward high technical requirements for hardware communication coverage. If only the online communication system is used, the UAVs in the far position may not be covered by the communication signal, then these UAVs will not be able to send and receive commands online in real time, and it is impossible for more UAVs to launch at the same time.

How to solve this problem? The on-line and off-line integrated communication system developed by Da Mo Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. is just to solve the communication dead angle and blind area. Under the online and offline integrated communication system, the UAV will receive the take-off command. Those remote UAVs do not need to rely on the online command sent in real time to find the flight route. They can complete the flight only by the command that has been written into the UAV. Even if they are disturbed, they can ensure the successful completion of the mission.

As a leading technological innovation in the world, the online and offline integrated communication system has made great contributions to the success of more than 3000 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in breaking the existing record. It also proves that the continuous breakthrough in technology is the key to the stable development of large-scale UAVs.

The spirit of cooperation is the best in the world

Technological breakthrough needs quantitative index test. In the UAV industry, while developing its technology, Da Mo intelligent control has always cherished the dream of breaking a world record and focused on the data of Guinness world record. To this end, the two sides communicated with Guinness World Records. After studying the rules and results of the past record challenge, they set the challenge target of 3000 UAVs launched at the same time. This is an unprecedented scale for the intelligent control of the desert.

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When facing this challenge, the whole team is excited and nervous. The reason for the excitement is that the team can prove its technical ability in a ceremonial way to be at the forefront of the world; the reason for the tension is that the operation of such a large-scale UAV cluster is extremely challenging. “The decisive factor of success or failure is still people. When all of us twist together in spirit and go all out towards the same goal, the strength of the team is huge, which makes us stand on the starting line of success. ” Qin haiqun said.

In order to break the set goal, desert intelligent control has prepared more than 3000 UAVs, and successively promoted the work of site selection, technical verification, design concept, testing and other links. Due to the large scale of UAV cluster, the team takes a lot of trouble in choosing the site, because there are few sites that can meet the requirements of public management and technical testing. After several twists and turns, the team and Zhuhai College of Beijing University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as “beilizhu”) have come together to choose the school playground as the challenge venue. In this six or seven thousand square meter playground, the close cooperation for one month officially began.

After the technical verification of the site, the team conceived the whole challenge, especially the graphic presentation. Qin haiqun introduced the team’s different ideas, “this year is an unusual year. We hope to take the opportunity of challenges to show the Tiangong-1, Beidou navigation system and other scientific and technological totems representing our country’s latest aerospace technology achievements through UAV cluster, so as to boost the morale of the whole people and present a gift to our motherland. And because so many complex patterns are involved, our teams need to work more closely together. “

When the design team completes the graphic conception and modeling, and the R & D team cooperates with it to transmit the programming results to the UAV, we have to face the most challenging test link together. Because it is the first time to control such a large-scale UAV cluster, the intelligent control of desert is very cautious in the test of flight control system. The team first tested a certain number of UAVs in the UAV warehouse, and then moved more than 3000 UAVs to outdoor sites to do self-test and challenge day after day.

The indoor test can not guarantee the outdoor test is correct, because the number of UAVs may bring pressure on the ground station control system, resulting in data delay and system instability. In order to solve this problem, Da Mo intelligent control has launched a once-a-day outdoor test mechanism. If the system is abnormal, the team will immediately adjust the ground station and start the online and offline integrated communication system to solve the remote UAV Communication problem.

Southern rainy, typhoon prone, these factors for the team of Qin haiqun daily test, challenge uncertainty. “We bought enough rain cloths; more than 100 team members, including the student volunteers of beilizhu, also did a good job in the division of labor, with an average of 8-9 people taking care of every 300 aircrafts. In rainy weather, we also insist on testing under the Raincloth, making adjustments at any time, replacing the failed parts, and using the standby machine. In fact, we have successfully broken the target in our first test launch, but we still insist on daily test, because we have to constantly break through ourselves to ensure the success of the challenge. “

A few days before the formal challenge, the team was shocked by a torrential rain. “I was particularly touched by the scene that the team quickly took action and worked hard to put on the Raincloth for the UAV. If there’s anything that touches me the most about the whole challenge, I think it’s the team spirit with the same goal and all-out effort. The feeling of “if we win, we will toast each other; if we lose, we will fight to save each other.” the determination to unite and pursue success in the face of various uncertainties is our precious spiritual wealth. ” Qin haiqun sighed.

Fly UAV, go to a wider world

It is only six years since Intel took the lead in breaking the world record of “the largest number of UAVs flying at the same time” with 100 UAVs in 2015, and the desert intelligent control set a new record with 3051 UAVs flying in the sky. What drives more and more UAVs to fly into the sky and constantly set new records?

“Driven by people’s desire and curiosity to explore, people have been imagining the infinite possibilities of UAVs, and our own experience is a good example.” Qin haiqun sighed. The engineer, who came to the desert intelligent control after graduation, not only witnessed the transformation of UAV technology, but also witnessed the take-off of more and more UAVs.

“The first project I did was 80 drones. At that time, because there was no good route planning technology, and only the use of online communication technology, so once the communication is not good, it is easy to bring the risk of error. Therefore, in the end, we only let the UAV take off and complete the light change, without any action change. But we didn’t stop, because we think that UAV has a very large technological space to break through. Now, we have developed an online and offline integrated communication system based on 5g communication technology, and we can do intelligent route planning, so that UAVs can fly more stably and complete more complex tasks. To a certain extent, quantity is the proof of technical strength. From the initial 80 to more than 3000 now, we have also achieved self breakthrough. “

In fact, the continuous improvement of the scale of UAV launch also opens up a broader space for people’s imagination. Now, at the level of consumer applications, UAV clusters can splice planar and three-dimensional graphics, words, sentences, etc., presenting wonderful visual performances in various entertainment scenes. In industrial application scenarios, UAV single machine and cluster can replace people to complete many dangerous or labor-intensive work, such as plant protection, inspection, logistics and transportation.

In the future, people will also imagine whether UAVs can also play movies in the air? Can they replace fireworks and Kongming lamps to celebrate the festival in a more environmentally friendly way? Can there be more forms of interaction between people and UAVs? Will people be able to ride drones one day, and will air traffic change with it? These questions are prompting the whole industry to constantly try technological innovation and explore more UAV application scenarios, which will also change the way of communication between people and between people and nature.


Although the road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in the world. The vast universe, the vast sky, contains infinite mysteries, waiting for people to explore. And the flying UAV is carrying the spirit of human search, day and night, chasing day by day, creating one Guinness world record title after another. In the future, more and more of the world’s best will be born in the field of UAV. In terms of scale, speed and other indicators, it will constantly refresh the limit value, and continue the legend of human pursuit of ultimate breakthrough. Guinness world records also welcomes friends from various industries and fields to tap their potential and create their own world records.

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