Smart bins are very effective at airports, shopping malls, schools, campsites, beaches and parks. These innovative bins are also particularly useful in big cities.

Smart bin technology is helping municipalities solve problems related to waste disposal. The traditional garbage disposal route is inefficient because it does not consider that some garbage bins are still empty, thus wasting the fuel and time of vehicles.

Smart bins have proven to be efficient. The reason why these dustbins are smart is that they are equipped with Internet of things devices to monitor the amount of garbage filling and other indicators related to garbage cleaning. As the bins fill up, staff will be notified so that they can more strategically arrange their vehicles.

Technology in intelligent dustbin

Technology and solution of intelligent dustbin

The core of intelligent dustbin technology is a series of wireless ultrasonic sensors to monitor the filling level. The Internet of things equipment transmits the garbage data to the staff of the environmental sanitation department in real time, and then the staff can use the insights in these data to make decisions about garbage cleaning scheduling. The adoption of these smart bins will create a cleaner and safer environment for citizens and tourists. Finally, the technology will use garbage trucks where they are most needed, reduce wasted trips, reduce emissions, and create more environmentally friendly solutions.

Benefits of smart bin

Reduce 80% of garbage collection, reduce fuel, emissions, traffic congestion and labor costs

Reduce the number of garbage cans around the town

It is used to plan the garbage collection route and analyze the placement of garbage cans

More environmentally friendly solutions to reduce waste spillage and ensure community cleanliness

More innovative intelligent dustbin solutions

In recent years, some smart dustbin technology companies have emerged to provide a variety of solutions for the municipal authorities to develop smart cities. The following six companies are most likely to thrive in this area.

Smartupcities: the company’s bins are designed with ultrasonic wireless sensors to monitor fill levels. The company is paving the way for waste operators to plan and optimize more efficient collection routes.

Ecubelabs: this Korean company’s solar energy dustbin has a sensor driven automatic compaction function (using real-time data to trigger automatic compaction), which can increase the capacity of the dustbin by 5-8 times. The technology communicates with a cloud based platform called cleancity networks and analyzes it to optimize garbage management.

Smartsensor: headquartered in Australia, the company produces temperature sensors to monitor the filling level and temperature in the box. When extreme temperatures occur, such as those associated with a fire, data alerts are sent to the administrator by email.

Evoeco: this US developer has created a dustbin called evobin, which has screens, dashboards and interactive functions. The product can send the garbage data collected by the sensor to the administrator.

Sensoneo: combined with real-time ultrasonic sensors for garbage monitoring, this Slovak software company helps cities make data-driven garbage collection route decisions. The software also monitors vehicle load and other waste management indicators.

Guardforce: guardforce in Hong Kong has been engaged in security business since 1977. Now, it uses ultrasonic filling liquid level sensor to develop intelligent dustbin based on Internet of things for garbage management department. Other benefits of the bin include solar compactors, fleet management and safety detection functions. When the sensor senses that someone is in the waste bin, it will stop the waste compactor in real time; when the waste in the bin is on fire, it will give an alarm to the monitoring station and start the fire-fighting measures automatically.

These intelligent technology development companies are at the forefront of modern waste management. Which companies you decide to work with depends on your own standards, so keep in mind that there are many options to meet your needs.


Intelligent dustbin technology can reduce environmental pollution and garbage cleaning costs. It benefits all stakeholders in waste management and also helps to promote cleaner communities.

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