Background and challenges

The 21st century is an era of knowledge economy. With the rapid development of information technology, the growth of population, unbalanced development, international competition and various social problems, education in the 21st century is facing a series of challenges. The traditional education is more and more incompatible with the development of society.

Backward teaching tools and methods can not meet the teaching needs of the information age

The wide application of information technology in various fields of society has brought about the multi-source, accessibility and selectivity of information. It is necessary to create a learning environment in which students can freely explore. Teachers can comprehensively use a variety of teaching modes to innovate education and cultivate students’ creative thinking, communication and cooperation ability.

High quality education resources are highly concentrated and lack of effective sharing

Education resources in developed and underdeveloped areas are seriously unbalanced and lack of effective sharing; fixed place training brings high travel costs, waste of time and security risks; education services need to be able to cross classrooms, schools and national boundaries to realize the sharing of teaching resources and learning anytime and anywhere.

The traditional distance training lacks the sense of presence and the training effect is poor

In the past, distance teaching methods such as correspondence education, television broadcasting and network teaching have some shortcomings, such as lack of on-the-spot sense and learning atmosphere, neglect of thinking and interactive communication, lack of whole process quality management and monitoring, etc. Therefore, more immersive distance training is needed to enhance training experience and improve training efficiency.


Huawei Zhizhen multimedia classroom solution promotes the innovation of teaching mode and efficient long-distance sharing of high-quality educational resources through high-definition audio and video interactive communication, cross regional remote seminar cooperation, fast course recording and sharing, and standardized and intelligent multimedia classroom learning environment.

Technical solution and application of Huawei Zhizhen multimedia classroom

Figure 1: scenario analysis

1. Efficient distance training

It supports two-way interaction of 1080p Full HD image and Cd level sound quality, and immersive experience. It can achieve immersive real-time class effect even thousands of miles away, improve training efficiency, and effectively reduce travel costs.

2. Sharing teaching resources

The standardized protocol can effectively realize the intercommunication and sharing of high-quality teaching resources among different campuses, different regions and different countries;

It supports full HD recording of teaching audio and video and courseware, one click operation, real-time live broadcast and after-school on demand, so as to realize effective sharing of high-quality teaching resources.

3. Intelligent teaching environment

Taking the intelligent central control as the center, all kinds of electronic devices in the classroom implement comprehensive, modular and integrated intelligent control through the touch screen;

Through the intelligent central control touch screen, it is easy to achieve one key to go to and from class, which is as convenient as making a phone call to initiate and end remote teaching, intelligent teaching scene call, and automatic correlation of teaching content.

4. Innovative learning mode

Liquid crystal electronic whiteboard writing can write, change and save ideas as they are written. The written content can be easily published in the projection and remote classroom, and can be shared at any time. Through discussion and opinion publishing among students, it can communicate with teachers and students in remote classroom at any time, so as to promote students’ communication and cooperation and practical ability training, improve learning effect, and promote the reform and innovation of teaching mode.

5. End to end solutions

To provide professional integrated design and standardized delivery of multimedia classroom solutions, and with professional lighting, sound, display design, to achieve intelligent teaching environment.

Customer value

Huawei Zhizhen multimedia classroom solution is suitable for educational institutions, higher education, basic education, vocational training, enterprises and institutions, and meets the application scenarios of distance education, remote seminar and cooperation, class communication, cultural exchange, multimedia teaching and vocational training.

Through the standardized and intelligent learning environment and rich teaching means, we can greatly enhance the interactivity of teaching, promote the innovation of learning mode, cultivate students’ ability of communication and cooperation and exploratory learning, effectively share teaching resources, and realize the access of anyone, at any time and any place to the distance teaching platform, and independently study any course; Efficient distance training, even thousands of miles away, can also achieve immersive real-time class effect, greatly improve training efficiency, effectively reduce travel costs.

Figure 2: distance learning platform

Figure 3: Zhizhen and video product series

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