Te connectivity recently announced the launch of a newly developed 24 core optical fiber connectivity solution, which can help data center managers more smoothly and efficiently migrate from 10G Ethernet to 40g / 100g.

The new system based on the company’s mpoptimate fiber connector is a member of the latest te connectivity data center solution. At a press conference on Thursday, te connectivity pointed out that the system can withstand the test of the next three generations of active equipment, so that it can more easily move to a faster and more space-saving migration path, and achieve higher utilization of optical fiber investment.

Te launched a 24 core optical fiber connector system, boosting the upgrading of the data center

The data center relies on optical fiber to transmit data, but the optical fiber connection hardware takes up a lot of valuable space that could be used to deploy computers and storage resources. Footprint is one of the biggest cost constraints for data centers, so fiber optic connectivity must support high bandwidth while reducing footprint within and between racks.

Sun Chengen, technical manager of te connectivity South China, said at the conference that the company’s 24 core optical fiber mpoptimate system is based on its low loss mpoptimate connection product series, which is composed of a series of modular optical fiber modules, 24 core trunk optical cables and patch cords. Compared with the traditional 12 core optical fiber solutions, a single 24 core optical cable can save about 50% of the space in the closed area. “By adopting the method based on modular optical fiber module box, not only the utilization rate of rack space is reduced, but also the installed 24 core optical cable MPO can be used after replacing the optical fiber module box, greatly simplifying the future upgrade process.”

Te connectivity believes that in order to meet the emerging new needs, the network needs to be ready to migrate from 10g to 40g / 100g, and data center managers must take a simple but robust migration path for this inevitable development. “The 24 core fiber mpoptimate system that te connectivity pioneered in the industry can be migrated in an economical and effective way to meet the requirements of the next generation server, storage and exchange platform flexible data center for data speed improvement.”

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