Tyco Electronics (TE connectivity, hereinafter referred to as “Te”), a global technology leader in the field of connectivity and sensing, recently launched a new nanorf module and contact, with a density twice that of Vita 67 RF module for current VPX embedded computing applications.

It is a high frequency miniature coaxial cable contact, which can provide smaller contact and higher RF contact density through multi position module. This design can achieve smaller packaging, thus saving valuable space. The half size module supports up to 12 RF contacts, and the full size module supports 18 or more contacts. The number and position of contacts can be customized.

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Te’s nanorf module and contacts are also multifunctional. The floating mounting backplane contact can be inserted blindly to support module to module or box to box architecture. In addition, although they are designed for 0.047 inch coaxial cables, they can also be used with other types of cables to meet application requirements. In order to introduce high-frequency functions into high-density modular packaging, we also optimized the contacts to achieve signal integrity and support frequencies up to 70ghz.

Nanorf has a floating plug on the backplane side to guide the pre alignment of the contact array before the contact is engaged. In this way, reliable plug-in and consistent RF performance can be realized, and the plug-in times can be up to 500 times.

Mike Walmsley, product manager of te global aviation, defense and shipping division, said: “Nanorf is a rugged modular package with excellent high-frequency coaxial cable contact density, which is very suitable for providing reliable RF performance in harsh environments. The product has passed the Vita 72 high vibration standard test, can be used in the VPX open architecture of Vita 67.3, and plans to expand to other high-density packages.”


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