Te connectivity (TE), a global leader in innovative connectivity solutions for high-speed computing and network applications, recently announced the launch of a new antenna portfolio for Wi Fi 6e. Wi Fi 6e antenna products cover three frequency bands, including the newly expanded 6 GHz band. Te antenna solution and professional integration technology can support the wide spectrum required by Wi Fi 6e, thus helping new application development and providing new services for customers. It can improve network speed and flexibility, and shorten the delay of terminal equipment and application.

Te connectivity launches new antenna portfolio for Wi Fi 6e

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are widely used Wi Fi bands. With the increasing number of connected devices, the existing Wi Fi band has been overwhelmed. The newly expanded 6 GHz band can provide additional bandwidth and wider channels to meet daily bandwidth requirements. Te’s new antenna for Wi Fi 6e Applications covers three frequency bands: 2400-2483.5 MHz, 5150-5875 MHz and 5925-7125 MHz. The newly expanded 6 GHz band can accommodate 14 additional 80 MHz bands or 7 160 MHz bands, providing a wider, continuous and clean spectrum for WLAN (wireless local area network) communication.

Wi Fi 6e antenna combination can be used for PCB, wiring PCB and wiring FPC, and supports a variety of wireless standards. The product portfolio supports customized service of cable length and connector type, which can be quickly launched and provides flexibility for system design. In addition, te RF technology center can create efficient Wi Fi 6e MIMO antenna configuration and optimize throughput.

Han sang cheol, product manager of te data and terminal equipment division, said: “today, wireless networks affect all aspects of our lives. Mobile connectivity is ubiquitous in our life and work. The innovation of security applications, smart home, smart city, smart factory, medical and health equipment and various emerging Internet of things devices are inseparable from wireless network technology. Te antenna design and integration capabilities can help customers achieve optimal wireless network performance and high throughput. The new spectrum and larger channel bandwidth of Wi Fi 6e can alleviate congestion, improve transmission speed and shorten delay, which is conducive to the development of Next-Generation Applications and enhance the user experience. “

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