The TDP1000 and TDP0500 high-voltage differential probes provide the outstanding high-speed electrical and mechanical performance required by today's switch-mode power supply (SMPS), CAN/LIN bus, and high-speed digital system designs.

Specifically designed for direct connection to Tektronix oscilloscopes via the TekVPI™ probe interface or the TekProbe BNC interface. The TDP1000 and TDP0500 high-voltage differential probes enable high-speed signal acquisition and measurement fidelity by addressing three traditional measurement challenges: excellent electrical performance, universal connectivity to the device under test, and ease of use.

Features and Benefits:

Excellent electronic performance

◆1GHz and 500MHz probe bandwidth;

◆《1pF differential input capacitance;

◆1MΩ differential input capacitance;

◆±42 V (DC + peak AC) differential input voltage;

◆》18dB CMRR (250 MHz 50X attenuation);

◆Selectable bandwidth limiting filter;

◆DC suppression.

Universal DUT connection

◆Compact probe head for probing small geometric circuit components;

◆Standard accessories for straight needle, guideline, welding and variable point distance;

◆Strong reliability design.

easy to use

◆Automatic unit scaling and reading on the oscilloscope screen;

◆Direct connection to oscilloscope with TekVPI™ probe interface;

◆Easy access to the oscilloscope display probe menu to obtain probe setting control and operating status information;

◆Remote GPIB/USB probe control through oscilloscope;

◆Auto-Zero – Zero the output offset.


◆High-speed switch mode power supply design;

◆CAN/LIN bus design;

◆High-speed digital design;

◆Digital design and verification;

◆Production engineering test;


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