·Hall effect 3D position sensor with SPC interface allows active stray field compensation

·360 degrees, anti stray field angle measurement, making the sensor suitable for steering angle position detection*

TDK announces Micronas masterhal ® The product portfolio of sensor series is expanded, and a new anti stray field 3D Hal is released ® Position sensor Hal 3970. The sensor is suitable for automotive and industrial applications, with a range from 0 ° To 360 ° High precision angle detection, linear position detection, and use SPC output to transmit the calculated position information. SPC interface is an enhancement of sent protocol according to SAE j2716 standard. It can transmit data according to the trigger pulse sent by external ECU, and supports point-to-point connection and single wire bus mode of up to four sensors. Unit time, frame format, trigger mode, slow channel format, scroll counter and other parameters are easy to configure. For example, Hal 3970 can be used for anti stray field angle detection * in steering wheel position applications. Samples will be available in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Each sensor in the Hal 39xy sensor family is based on patented 3D Hal sensing cell technology * *. Hal3970 uses a special hall array to measure the vertical and horizontal magnetic field components with high accuracy. Due to the precise arrangement of these Hall plates, the sensor can detect a 360 degree angle and resist external stray magnetic fields. Only a simple two pole magnet is needed to determine the rotation angle. Ideally, the magnet should be placed above the sensitive area of the shaft end configuration. The sensor also supports robust off-axis measurement of stray field.

The on-chip signal processing of hal3970 calculates the angle of magnetic field component and converts it into digital output value. The sensor has powerful DSP and embedded microcontroller. DSP is responsible for fast signal processing, while microcontroller is responsible for interface configuration and function safety related tasks monitoring.

By programming the nonvolatile memory, the gain, offset and reference position can be adjusted according to the magnetic circuit. According to ISO 26262, Hal 3970 is seooc (independent safety unit) ASIL B level. Hal3970 has 8-pin soic8 SMD package.


· 3D HAL ® Induction unit: it can directly measure the magnetic field in X, y and Z directions

·Stray field compensation: Modern Hall effect sensors must be insensitive to interference fields generated by electric motors or power lines in hybrid or electric vehicles (xhev)

Main applications*

·Steering wheel angle measurement

·Long stroke measurement in transmission systems or clutch applications

Main features and benefits***

·Position detection (linear and rotary) against stray field interference °), Comply with ISO 11452-8

· 180 ° Gradient stray field compensation in rotating applications

·Transmit position and temperature information, including roll counter

·Support SPC enhanced 12 bit serial message format, including temperature information

·Various SPC trigger modes (constant, variable length and short trigger pulse (point-to-point))

·Programming through sensor output pin at minimum supply voltage

·ISO 26262 seooc ASIL class B supports functional safety applications

·Power supply range: 3.0 V to 16 V

·Up to 16 ksps sampling frequency

·Suitable for automotive applications with ambient temperatures ranging from – 40 ℃ ° C up to 150 ° C

Main data

*Any mention of the target application of our product will not claim to be fit for purpose, as this has to be checked at the system level.

**Hal 39xy is licensed by Fraunhofer Institute of integrated circuits (ILS).

***All operating parameters must be verified by the customer’s technical experts for each customer application.

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