·The 6-axis industrial IMU series has the characteristics of 1.9 deg / h gyro bias instability, fault tolerance and microsecond precise time stamp.

·Products iim-46234 and iim-46230 use ultra-low noise sensors to measure accurately even in harsh environments.

·Innovative hardware and software design with industry-leading redundancy and early warning capabilities can avoid operation interruption.

·Factory calibration of offset, sensitivity (scale factor), G sensitivity and cross axis sensitivity over the entire operating temperature range.

TDK (TSE: 6762) has launched a new invensense inertial measurement unit (IMU) series with high performance and high error tolerance for industrial applications. The new products iim-46234 and iim-46230 include multiple 6-axis sensors, each of which can measure three-dimensional linear acceleration and three-dimensional rotational angular velocity.

The iim-4623x product family is capable of accurate measurement in harsh environments with large vibration and temperature variations, and is suitable for a variety of navigation and stability applications, including precision agriculture, construction machinery, aircraft and industrial robots. For example, construction vehicles can combine iim-4623x measurements with global navigation system (such as GPS) data to determine accurate position, attitude and real-time motion state in real time. These real-time information is very important to improve the automation, efficiency and security of mobile industrial machinery. In addition, the new series also integrates TDK’s unique sensorft ™ Fault tolerance.

“Sensorft in iim-46234 and iim-46230 ™ Features combine the multi IMU hardware design with our proprietary fault detection and recovery software to provide built-in redundancy and early warning capabilities, “said Uday mudoi, director of industry marketing at invensense (TDK group)“ Systems equipped with iim-4623x sensors can provide early warning to customers, enabling preventive maintenance to avoid operational disruption. “

Iim-46234 and iim-46230 products have the following characteristics:

·High precision, ultra-low noise sensor can achieve accurate measurement

·Factory calibration to ensure reliable measurements over the entire temperature range

·The microsecond precise time stamp, together with the measured values of all sensors, realizes the precise time service of the rest of the system

TDK customers can combine high-performance industrial IMU series with invensense coursa drive software to provide inertial navigation system (INS) that can be used in the market with the lowest development cost and resources. Coursa drive can provide up to 100 Hz position and direction data to AV system in real time to supplement the low rate position reference of GNSS and sensing system. In order to improve the fault tolerance of the system, coursa drive can provide decimeter level position accuracy in a short time when GNSS or sensing system is uncertain or unavailable.

Iim-46234 and iim-46230 products are now available to some early partners and customers. TDK will showcase this new line of products and the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of passive components, sensors, power sources and batteries at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) at LVCC, Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 7 to 10, 2020.


AV: autopilot

·IMU: inertial measurement unit

·GPS: Global Positioning System

·GNSS: main application of global satellite navigation system

·Construction machinery

·Precision agriculture


·Platform stability


·Geolocation, mapping and surveying

main features

·Bias instability and low noise

·The bias and sensitivity change with temperature are low

·The bias, sensitivity, inter axis misalignment error and G sensitivity are calibrated in the whole temperature range

·Shock and vibration resistance

·Three axis angular velocity and acceleration output

·TDK’s proprietary sensorft function provides built-in redundancy and fault tolerance for a single sensor failure

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