As a partner of Ican National College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition, TDK has contributed to the competition to discover and cultivate a group of promising and potential innovative and entrepreneurial outstanding young talents in Colleges and universities and stimulate the vitality of innovation. All along, Ican competition adheres to the spirit of “self-confidence, persistence and dream”, and finds and cultivates a group of promising innovative and entrepreneurial young talents in Colleges and universities. TDK has long adhered to the business philosophy of “ideal, courage and trust”, advocating scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, serving the society and improving human life. This cooperation between TDK and Ican competition will not only help TDK’s brand influence in China, but also help TDK carry out campus talent recruitment activities in domestic colleges and universities.

Today, the environment of electronic products has ushered in a period of great change. The transformation from fossil fuels to a society based on renewable energy, and the changes brought by the penetration of digital technologies such as lot (Internet of things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) into all fields of society have begun. TDK group regards this change in social environment as a new social contribution and business growth opportunity, and has formulated a three-year medium-term plan with fiscal year 2022 (up to March 2022) as the first year. For the digital transformation, TDK will contribute to the social transformation by virtue of digital technology by providing products for high-speed communication networks, sensors, autonomous driving and robots. For energy transformation, TDK will contribute to promoting a decarbonized society by providing energy storage, conversion and control products necessary for an efficient energy society, as well as products related to electric vehicles and renewable energy.

In this rapid development of new social structure and industrial structure changes, the trend of energy transformation and digital transformation of the electronic market will continue to expand, which will bring new market innovation to TDK’s business field. For example, in terms of energy transformation, renewable energy and electric vehicles will be popularized, in terms of digitization, the popularization of 5g, the practicability of ADAS (advanced driving assistance system) in vehicles, the further popularization of Internet of things, wearable devices and cloud services, etc. These are great development opportunities for TDK. What TDK needs to do is to actively carry out research Technology development, timely input competitive new products, and expand production capacity according to demand.

Based on its business philosophy and based on solving social problems through business, TDK group gives full play to its core technologies and solutions, and has formulated TDK group’s “sustainable development vision” describing “realizing a society in which everyone can be continuously happy”. TDK will share this vision within the group and implement it into our business, studying and practicing the following specific measures aimed at realizing a happy society:

1. Become an enterprise highly praised by the society by improving customer satisfaction, sound governance and sustainable growth;

2. Become a valuable enterprise by providing assistance to the two social topics of digital transformation and energy transformation;

3. Establish the concept of environmental protection TDK and digital TDK, and establish a speed centered management system;

4. Obtain growth by providing society with digital infrastructure, renewable energy infrastructure and valuable commodities that save space and energy.

Over the course of 85 years, TDK has always adhered to the corporate purpose of “giving back culture and industry with rich creativity”. In the future, TDK will actively expand its product portfolio and push more innovative electronic components and systems to major markets such as automobile, information and communication technology (ICT) and industry. Moreover, TDK will continue to maintain the spirit of start-up companies, constantly challenge itself, and continue to provide new solutions for global customers through close cooperation with customers and other external business partners.

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