Recently, blackberry announced in an official statement that its cooperation agreement with TCL will expire on August 31, 2020. After August 31, TCL, which now owns and operates the BlackBerry brand, will no longer sell BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry official said that the cooperation with TCL is an excellent opportunity. They jointly launched a number of excellent models such as BlackBerry key, key 2 and blackberry motion.

TCL will no longer sell BlackBerry

With the expiration of the cooperation agreement, TCL will no longer have the right to sell BlackBerry phones, and will not be able to continue to design, manufacture and sell any BlackBerry models. However, TCL will continue to provide security support for the sold models, provided that the laws of the place where the models are sold are followed.

TCL will no longer sell BlackBerry

At the same time, blackberry also expressed its gratitude to all its partners, users and blackberry club members for their strong support in recent years. As one of the representatives of old mobile phones, BlackBerry has created a unique design concept from security. But with the change of smart phone industry, many old brands have lost their glory, blackberry is no exception. With the expiration of BlackBerry’s contract with TCL, it is still unknown whether BlackBerry will launch new models in the future.

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