November 26 news according to TCL’s official news, at the 16th China audio and video industry conference in 2020, Zhang Shaoyong, vice president of TCL industry, general manager of China region and general manager of TV business unit, delivered a keynote speech entitled “the era of miniled display is coming”.

Zhang Shaoyong revealed that next year, the peak image quality matrix of miniledtv is coming, and TCL plans to launch four new series of miniledtv in the world. He said that TCL is the first enterprise to carry out miniled R & D and realize the mass production of miniledtv.

TCL said that as the most advanced backlight technology in the display field, miniled has become a key area for global home appliance manufacturers to compete for layout. According to relevant reports, some foreign manufacturers plan to achieve mass production of miniled TV in 2021. TCL’s miniled products have achieved mass production, with a global market share of more than 90% in 2020. This is the first time that domestic brands are in the forefront of cutting-edge display technology.

We learned that TCL’s “miniled” adopts the “am + local Diming + miniled” technology system, and uses the regional control LED backlight system to match the LCD display. The display can achieve high dynamic contrast (HDR), and has great advantages in cost and price.

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