With the arrival of “3.15” this year, TCL washing machines will launch a new service policy, that is, from March 15, 2020, TCL full-automatic washing machines purchased by users through online and offline channels will enjoy a three-year free warranty for the whole machine, and the warranty date will be calculated from the date of purchase shown on the valid certificate of purchase, The launch of this measure has been widely concerned by consumers and people in the industry.

TCL launches new service, full automatic washing machine free warranty for three years

In recent years, the home appliance industry has been talking about innovation and user experience, but people generally put this kind of innovation and experience thinking on product development and promotion, but ignore the opportunities in sales, service and other links. At present, according to the national “Three Guarantees” policy, there are the following provisions on the warranty period of household appliances: ice, wash, air, TV, etc. due to product quality problems, they can enjoy return within 7 days after purchasing the machine, and can be replaced within 15 days. In addition, the whole appliance warranty is no less than one year, and the main parts warranty is no less than three years. The main parts of washing machine products include magnetic head, motor, switch, potentiometer and integrated circuit. In addition, the same fault can be repaired for 3 times (including the third time) during the warranty period.

In the “Three Guarantees” policy of household appliances, although the limited word is “no less than”, in the actual market decision-making, considering the cost and other factors, “no less than” is basically equivalent to “equal to”; As a result, it has also formed the inherent impression of consumption, that is, washing machines and other electrical products are guaranteed for one year.

As a durable consumer goods, a washing machine often accompanies a family for 8-10 years or even longer. In the process of high-frequency clothing cleaning, the troubles caused by the product’s own problems, small object blocking, user’s misoperation, etc. bring great trouble to the user’s life, and the user often has difficulty in judging the crux of the machine’s problems. In particular, after the warranty period, we have to face many “service traps”, such as “minor overhaul” of maintenance personnel, shoddy parts, service delay or prevarication, causing “discomfort” in users’ life and mood.

Now, TCL has extended the free warranty period of all its full-automatic washing machines to three years, which is equivalent to giving consumers two years of “extended insurance” for free, expanding the boundary of after-sales service, so that consumers can not only “buy” at ease, but also “use” at ease. This move is fundamentally rooted in TCL’s self-confidence in the technology and quality of its own washing machine products. At the same time, it is also a new way for enterprises to explore service innovation and enhance the sense of user experience.

TCL refrigerator washing machine has a 17 year history in the industrial layout of white household appliances. In recent years, the scale of its ice washing industry has been expanding, and the high-end product layout has become a trend. In February 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, TCL overcame all kinds of inconveniences and held an online launch of new products in the spring of 2020, which endowed the washing machine with the attribute of “intelligence and health”, and its concept of classified washing and care was highly praised in the industry.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Affected by the epidemic situation, the sales of domestic household appliances almost “stopped” in the first quarter, and the home appliance industry has entered a “bitter sea” stage. In this special period, the enterprise’s “Cihang Pudu” needs “both hard and soft”, focusing on the promotion of product value on the one hand and the upgrading of service quality on the other hand, so as to enhance the user stickiness. TCL takes the “three-year warranty of full-automatic washing machine” as the breakthrough point to better meet the demands of consumers for high-quality service, and also bring greater pressure to competitors in the same industry, which is conducive to the improvement of the service level of the whole industry. And behind the action, the consumers who are please will become the ultimate beneficiaries.

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