In addition to a more high-end and fashionable appearance, smart wearable devices have become increasingly mature in terms of technology. The screens are basically equipped with relatively high-end OLED display technology. This technology relies on the self-luminous characteristics of organic display to make its contrast ratio, integrated black performance, color gamut, response speed, and viewing angle all revolutionary compared with LCD; It can achieve a low refresh rate of 0.1Hz and reduce the power consumption of the whole machine. On this basis, TCL CSOT launched the industry’s lowest 0.016Hz (refresh once/1 minute) wearable display globally, which can achieve low power consumption and no flicker, and can also achieve no flicker under strong light, reaching the wearable field in the industry. The strongest level of ultra-low frequency.

TCL Huaxing launched the world’s first ultra-low frequency OLED wearable technology, which has six powerful performances of ultra-low frequency flicker-free, ultra-narrow frame, low power consumption, wide-band free switching, TDDI (touch and display driver integration) and low-frequency color no change.

TCL Huaxing ultra-low frequency circular OLED wearable exhibits

With its unique driving method, TCL Huaxing can make the screen display at 0.016Hz ultra-low frequency, and achieve full grayscale without flicker; when the watch is in constant bright mode in a strong light environment, it can maintain a flicker-free display effect, so that the watch is in the standby clock. The status can still be displayed stably, and at the same time, it supports refresh once every minute without feeling.

Through the industry-leading world’s narrowest bezel technology, the process of the narrow bezel is further optimized, and an ultra-narrow bezel with only 0.8mm upper/left/right bezel and 1.2mm lower bezel can be realized, making the display area larger and truly realizing The “full screen” display of the smart watch.

TCL Huaxing ultra-low frequency square OLED wearable exhibits

In terms of reducing power consumption, this screen can also go to the next level with the blessing of ultra-low frequency. The screen not only uses LTPO technology, but also realizes adaptive refresh rate, smoother high refresh rate, and excellent technology in ultra-low frequency display, allowing users to display the same color and no distortion when switching interfaces. At the same time, it can automatically switch between 0.016Hz~60Hz without system intervention, which greatly improves the visual effect and saves power. Compared with the current AOD 15Hz state, TCL CSOT ultra-low frequency 0.016Hz can further reduce the power consumption by 20%. Under the multiple “buffs” such as system optimization of the terminal manufacturer, the standby time of the watch’s always-on mode can be greatly extended.

In terms of hardware, TCL Huaxing is also at the forefront of the industry. It integrates TDDI technology in wearable products, which not only optimizes the space structure, but also allows the terminal products to have more space for “stacking”, radiates greater product power, and greatly saves costs. The trend towards cost-effective smartwatches has generated a good boost.

As a leader in the field of semiconductor display, TCL CSOT focuses on the new display technology track, and has earlier proposed a full-size, full-category, full-form product platform strategic layout, and continues to promote product implementation with its own strong scientific research strength.

Combining this technology, TCL Huaxing has developed Watch modules in two forms: round and square. The three diversified sizes of 1.36-inch, 1.502-inch and 1.92-inch have mass production capabilities, which can meet the different needs of terminal manufacturers. Sufficient production capacity reserves have been carried out, and more production capacity will be stimulated in the future, making sufficient preparations for the upcoming 100 billion-level smart wearable market.

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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