Clean energy is the fundamental way to solve economic development, environmental pollution and resource shortage. However, at present, clean energy is facing the problems of unbalanced distribution of time dimension and spatial dimension, and the energy Internet came into being. Focusing on industrial parks has the characteristics of large distribution capacity, many load types and high requirements for economy and reliability. Therefore, the energy consumption cost of industrial parks needs to be reduced urgently, the demand for capacity expansion is large, and the power supply reliability and energy efficiency need to be improved. The microgrid of industrial parks is an effective means to solve these problems.

On July 26, in order to further accelerate the implementation and application of micro energy network technology and projects, the 2018 (third) China micro energy network (energy Internet) technology and Application Conference and Exhibition hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation was held in Beijing. Dr. Hao Xiang, general manager of micro grid product line of TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of TBEA new energy, was invited to attend and share the smart micro grid solution of TBEA industrial park at the main venue with the theme of “terminal enabling and promoting the implementation and application of micro energy network”, which attracted the attention of the industry.

In the sharing, Dr. Hao Xiang pointed out that TBEA new energy has formed an energy Internet system based on new energy power generation, high-efficiency power transmission and smart grid by relying on technology research and development and experience accumulation in the field of new energy and focusing on three links of energy production, transmission and distribution. In view of the problems existing in the energy consumption of the industrial park, TBEA takes the system design, energy management, ecloud intelligent operation and maintenance and core equipment as the basis, takes the electric energy router as the high-end technology leader, and takes the key products such as microgrid cloud platform, energy management system and modular energy storage system as the core support, Form a smart microgrid solution with “two ends, three layers and multiple scenarios”.

TBEA promotes green energy of microgrid

The world’s first set of 10kV / 1mva electric energy router independently developed by TBEA. The whole machine adopts modular cascade and the system adopts modular series technology at the high voltage side. Through the on-line intelligent redundancy technology of the module, the fault module can be automatically removed on-line without shutdown, which greatly improves the reliability of the system; At the same time, the multi degree of freedom soft switching technology of dual active bridge circuit phase-shifting control + duty cycle modulation is applied to fundamentally solve the technical problems such as low light load efficiency, large peak current and poor control performance of dual active bridge circuit, so as to achieve the highest efficiency of the whole machine in the world of 98.2% (light load efficiency is higher than 96% and China efficiency is 97.4%), so as to improve the comprehensive efficiency of the system by 2% – 4%.

As the world’s leading and outstanding green smart energy service provider, TBEA takes reliability as the development core, adheres to the leading driving of technology and service, focuses on the technological innovation of smart photovoltaic power generation, flexible DC transmission and smart microgrid, and is committed to providing customers with solutions with high investment income and optimal cost of kwh power.

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