Based on the existing embedded software development tools, including performance optimization of microcontroller for automotive safety critical applications

The embedded software division of task, Altium (ASX: ALU) recently announced that it will launch the third generation of aurix for Infineon Gamma Multi core development environment of microcontroller. The development environment will enable the automotive customers of task and Infineon to optimize the performance of multi-core architecture for safety critical applications and expand the scope of cooperation between them.

“Infineon and tasking are expanding TRICORE,” said Ralf K ü del, director of product marketing for Infineon microcontrollers Gamma / AURIX Gamma In this new development environment, tasking provides one-stop innovative solutions for our customers’ product innovation

Upcoming aurix Gamma Series microcontrollers will be used in automotive applications that require large amounts of data, such as future gateways, domain and domain controllers, engine management, electric vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems. At the same time, these microcontrollers will provide the security function requirements, throughput and power saving performance necessary to meet the growing AI computing.


The new tasking development environment is developed according to the standard of automatic spice Level 2, and has passed the t Ü V certification of ASIL D development supported by ISO 26262. The development environment provides compiler support for the new parallel processing unit (PPU) of Synopsys. In addition to supporting the next generation of aurix Gamma In addition to all the instruction set architectures used in TC v1.8, the development environment also provides compiler support for Synopsys’ new parallel processing unit (PPU), the next generation of aurix Gamma One of the main enhancements of the series microcontroller.

“These new functions of TASKING enable our automotive customers to create safer traditional cars and self driving cars through a set of software development tools we provide.” Said Franz maidl, global business director of tasking. “This expansion also strengthens our relationship with Infineon as a TRICORE Gamma / AURIX Gamma Preferred partnership. “

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