Samsung's new folding screen technology ECO²OLED unlocks the new generation of folding trend code to bring you a different experience

01A display better for the planet and the user

Samsung's new folding screen technology, ECO² OLED*, combines a polarizer with a screen panel to reduce power consumption, improve color rendering, and optimize image quality.

02No more worrying about power

ECO² OLED improves the transmittance by 33% on the basis of ordinary display, guarantees a brighter screen with less power, reduces the power consumption of OLED by 25%, and significantly increases the usage time of smartphones. Never worry about power consumption when using your smartphone.

03120% color satisfaction

Watch vivid and vivid colors through the screen. ECO² OLED integrates polarizers and adds color filters for more realistic colors. The RGB sharpness is improved by 15%, and the color performance reaches 90% of Rec.2020**, which is 125% of the DCI-P3** standard.

04Find hidden cameras

Applying Samsung UPC (Under Panel Camera, under-screen camera) technology, the camera is hidden under the screen, which is not much different from the surrounding screen. Together with the international certification agency UL (Underwriters Laboratories), the JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference) has been reduced to less than 1, achieving a uniformity that is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

05Complete cryogenic training

Samsung's advanced foldable OLED is suitable for extreme cold weather. The lowest temperature in winter in major cities in the world is about -20°C~-10°C. Samsung's foldable OLED has been certified by Bureau Veritas, a global certification body, and the panel quality will not degrade even if it is folded 30,000 times in a -20°C environment.

*Eco² OLED: A breakthrough technology developed by Samsung Display that improves the light efficiency of the panel while reducing power consumption by internalizing the external light reflection function of the polarizer.

**Rec.2020: A color space standard for television images developed by the International Telecommunication Union. ***DCI-P3: is defined by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) as a color gamut for digital cinema projectors.

*The product pictures and models, data, functions, performance, specifications, etc. in this article are for reference only. Samsung may improve the above content. For specific information, please refer to the actual product, product manual or Samsung official website ( cn). Unless otherwise specified, the data involved in this website are the results of Samsung's internal testing, and the comparisons involved are compared with Samsung products.

Original title: Samsung Display | Big Inventory! A look at the new folding screen technology ECO² OLED

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