COVID-19 is the world’s fastest spreading, most widely infected area and the most difficult public health emergency since the founding of new China. In the critical stage of the “epidemic”, the role of UAV is gradually highlighted, which provides strong support for the effective prevention and control of the epidemic, shows the huge advantages and development prospects of UAV, and constructs a new emergency rescue system.

1. UAV safety inspection

UAV has the characteristics of flexible, quick inspection, timely information feedback and high efficiency, and has become the “vanguard” of epidemic prevention and control in the field of inspection. With the UAV platform equipped with high-definition cameras, video images can be captured and transmitted back in real time within several kilometers at high altitude, and the prevention and control personnel can efficiently and safely realize contactless safety inspection.

Taking advantage of UAV to build a new emergency rescue system

Take the professional level “Enlightenment” inspire2 as an example, with the zenith X7 camera, it can record up to 6kinemadng / raw and 5.2kappeprores videos. The effective transmission distance is up to 7km, and 1080p / 720p main camera image and FPV camera image can be transmitted at the same time. The maximum endurance time is 27 minutes. Its binocular vision system with the top of the infrared sensing system, can detect obstacles within 30 meters, in the case of obstacle sensing system on, still has good mobility.

The large fixed wing UAV can be used for fire inspection and disaster rescue in the civil field. When it is used in the military, it can be used as a military reconnaissance UAV. The Zongheng Dapeng series UAV developed by Chengdu Zongheng adopts a quick disassembly structure, with a maximum take-off weight of 6.8-105 kg and a flight time of 1-8 hours. The products can be used in fleet reconnaissance, guided strike, border patrol and other fields Scenery. Police UAV is an important embodiment of the military civilian integration of UAV technology. Combined with the specially developed police app, the power of police UAV is more prominent. The flight altitude of UAV and the equipment such as LLL night vision device or infrared camera provide powerful investigation support, which makes the police have the huge advantage of “one-way transparency” and help build a new emergency rescue system.

2. UAV patrol and shout to prevent and control the epidemic

The UAV shouted that the netizens were ridiculed as hard core and local flavor, so that the video of the public’s protective measures made people feel the unique charm of the “Air Guard” in this special period. Through the UAV platform equipped with a loudspeaker or intercom for prevention and control propaganda, it can spread fast and cover a wide area, break through the blind area of traditional propaganda methods, and improve the efficiency of mass prevention and control and the awareness of mass epidemic prevention and control.

Because broadcasting equipment is usually heavy, industry level UAV mounted propaganda equipment is usually used for prevention and control propaganda. In addition to the 12 megapixel camera and three-axis stabilized pan tilt, the biggest highlight of Dajiang “Royal” mavic2 industry edition is the combination of a variety of accessories, including searchlights, loudspeakers and night lights. It can play up to 10 recorded voice messages, and support real-time recording and playing on the ground. The accessory has stable sound quality, smooth transmission, channel encryption, and is not easy to string. It is suitable for safety command and dispatch, crowd evacuation guidance, traffic command and management, construction site command and other complex scenes.

3. UAV killing

The use of plant protection UAV platform for killing can increase the efficiency by about 10 times compared with manual work. In the past, the “crop guard” turned into “killing expert”. It is reported that tens of thousands of UAVs across the country have been connected to the Beidou high-precision positioning system. According to the waypoints and flight paths generated by the system, they can achieve centimeter level flight accuracy and achieve precision spraying.

Dajiang T30 plant protection UAV adopts 16 nozzle layout, with uniform droplet settlement and anti drift. It can provide a maximum flow of 8 L / min and a maximum load of 30 kg, which makes the killing efficiency reach a new height. Equipped with a spherical radar system, it can sense obstacles and the surrounding environment from a full perspective, avoid the invasion of dust and light, and fully ensure the safety of operation.

4. UAV distribution

Under the epidemic situation, closed management makes a large number of residential areas become “isolated islands”, and the “contactless distribution” mode of UAV delivery becomes the “rigid demand” in this special period. Since 2016, domestic e-commerce company Jingdong has begun to use UAV platform to distribute to remote and inconvenient areas. Under the epidemic situation, the advantages of UAV distribution are fast, saving manpower and material resources, and avoiding cross infection.

Due to its small carrying capacity, consumer UAV is only suitable for small packages, masks, documents, etc. However, the military UAV platform has the advantages of large carrying capacity, high stability and a large number of deliveries in a single flight. Powered by a turbocharged engine, the pterosaur II UAV has a maximum payload capacity of 400kg and can fly for 20 hours with a maximum speed of 370km / h. It can take off and land by itself according to the set route. The unique material of the fuselage has excellent stealth performance, which enables it to carry up to 12 laser guided bombs or missiles, with a total weight of 480KG. Small and medium-sized UAV is an important guarantee to win the local war under the condition of informatization. The efficient use of UAV can significantly improve the ability of military investigation and attack in the information war, which will affect the pattern of future war and is an important embodiment of the military strength of various countries.

In the information age, the boundaries between security and development, economic construction and national defense construction, military and civil are increasingly blurred, showing a trend of continuous integration. The function of UAV transporting goods can also provide strong support for the activities of police officers, and can deliver food and medicine to the special action teams ambushing in mountainous areas and woodlands. Once the UAV is put into use, the police’s ability of continuous monitoring and concealed ambush will be further improved, and a new emergency rescue system will be established.

5. Temperature measurement by UAV

Remote temperature measurement is a new “skill” of UAV. The UAV is equipped with infrared thermal imaging sensors. With the help of thermal imaging technology, the UAV seems to have a pair of “perspective eyes”, which can not only measure the regional crowd temperature or related personnel temperature in a long distance, full coverage and high efficiency, but also avoid a lot of manpower expenditure, reduce personnel contact, and realize safety prevention and control.

UAV combined with infrared camera and thermal sensor can play a great role in fire calibration and reconnaissance, and it is not easy to be found. Military UAV manufacturers take the opportunity to implement the development strategy of military and civil integration, and use their technological advantages to enter the civil UAV market. It is more common that the industry UAV platform is equipped with uncooled vanadium oxide (VOX) micro thermal radiometer, and then reads the temperature of the measured object in the field of vision by returning the thermal imaging image. Dajiang “Yu” 2 industry dual light version, after adding a temperature measurement calibration bracket on the thermal imaging lens, the cotton swab is fixed in the field of vision of the infrared thermal imaging camera as a temperature reference, and then the forehead temperature gun is used to calibrate the temperature measurement of the UAV, and then the UAV can be used for temperature measurement. Once the individual with abnormal temperature is found, the remote control screen can display the abnormal temperature to remind the field staff to further check, which is safe and efficient.

Civil UAV technology originated from military UAV technology. With the in-depth implementation of the national strategy of civil military integration development, large consumer UAV enterprises make use of market advantages and technology accumulation to enter industrial cities. At present, pterodactyl, the top UAV enterprise in China, has obtained military qualification and become a military UAV supplier. The cross-border integrated development of UAV will create a new business model, form a cross industry and cross field industrial form, and build a new emergency rescue system integrating manufacturing industry and service industry.

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