In recent years, the ar/vr industry has gradually come out of the trough and began to accelerate its heating up. Especially with the accelerated commercial popularization of 5g network, ar/vr devices are expected to break through the previous disadvantages, realize miniaturization and intelligent upgrading, and bring better experience to users. For this reason, the attention of major technology companies and capital forces to ar/vr has soared, and various layouts have also been launched. In August, a series of investment, financing and innovation promotion activities took place in the ar/vr field. Let’s take a look:

Kura ar completes multi million dollar Angel round financing

On August 3, AR glasses brand Kura ar recently completed an angel round financing of millions of dollars, led by cloud angel fund, followed by an optical manufacturer and several individual investors in the industry. This round of financing is mainly used for early mass production and product landing in China. Kura AR was founded in Silicon Valley in 2017. The company focuses on the research and development of lightweight ar glasses.

Ar glasses company North acquired by Google officially stopped production

On August 4, when the Canadian company North announced its acquisition by Google in June, it said that it would gradually shut down focals1.0. Now the company has announced the specific time. North said that after July 31, 2020, users will no longer be able to use focals to access online accounts, and the use of focals smart glasses and its services will also stop. At that time, users will not be able to connect glasses through applications, nor can they use any functions, capabilities or experiments of glasses.

US company launches VR training platform cenariovr

On August 6, eLearning brothers developed the VR training platform cenariovr, which can provide an immersive training environment for firefighters. With the help of cenariovr platform, firefighters can train in VR without worrying about being injured. As long as they have the right equipment, they can also train anytime, anywhere.

Vicarious received US $13.2 million financing

On August 11, vicarious surgical, an American VR surgical robot company, recently announced that it had completed a financing of US $13.2 million. This round of financing was led by philipliang of e15capital, followed by Bill Gates, khoslaventures, innovationendeavors and amecloudventures. It is reported that the new financing will be used to further develop a new surgical robot platform.

In the first half of the year, 230 VR related enterprises were added every month in China

According to the news on August 12, the annual registration increment of VR related enterprises (all enterprises) in China has shown a steady upward trend in the past five years. According to industrial and commercial data, the growth rate of registration of relevant enterprises was as high as 78.6% in 2016, and more than 3000 VR related enterprises were added in 2019, which was the year with the largest number of new enterprises in history. Subject to the industrial and commercial registration, as of August 11, more than 1300 VR related enterprises had been added in the first half of the year, with an average of 230 new enterprises per month.

Apple Announces Acquisition of VR start-up spaces

On August 26, apple said recently that it had acquired VR start-up spaces. At present, the transaction price and terms have not been disclosed. So far, apple is not particularly active in this field. If VR is popularized, Apple may develop its own products and solutions with the help of acquiring companies such as space.

Amazon launches ar shopping tool to see the effect picture of the whole set of household products

On August 26, according to foreign media reports, Amazon recently released an AR (augmented reality) shopping tool room decorator. Through this tool, users can see the effect of placing a complete set of household products in the room. When the user is not in the room, the room decorator can also read the photos of the room to achieve this function.

Huawei will build an AR virtual real 5g smart business district in Beijing square

On August 27, at the Huawei Beijing City Summit 2020, Lu Yong, senior vice president of Huawei and President of China regional division, announced that using 5g+ Huawei River map technology, Huawei and Beijing jointly created the world’s first 5g smart business district with AR virtual and real integration in Beijing square, which is expected to be officially launched in September.

Shangtang technology creates “ar inspection” system for China Southern Power Grid

On August 27, Shangtang technology and China Southern Power Grid Digital Grid Research Institute Co., Ltd. recently built an intelligent operation inspection system “ar inspection” for converter stations based on artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology for China Southern Power Grid EHV company, which has been applied in the converter station of niucong direct flow project of China Southern power grid EHV company.

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