According to Taiwan’s electronic times, industry sources said that more and more IT companies in Taiwan have shown great interest in meeting the needs of the network equipment market and plan to launch relevant solutions for the 5gopenran field.

Compal Electronics recently announced that it will cooperate with Cisco to explore the 5gaiot market and provide enterprise customers with a variety of end-to-end 5gaiot devices and solutions. Before signing the agreement with Cisco, Compal also reached a cooperation agreement with Leons Taiwan technology to jointly develop smallcell base stations for 5gran network.

Quanta cloud technology (QCT) announced earlier that it would cooperate with Tainan government to provide n79sa5g network for Tainan City to promote the development of local 5g.

The source said that the ran, edge and core network technologies of 5gn79 network and QCT, as well as the integrated software and hardware solutions, will become the best case scenario for the conceptual verification of various 5g vertical applications required by the city.

The “Taiwan Ministry of economic affairs” also launched a project to call on Taiwan’s IT companies to jointly develop relevant equipment for the openran equipment market. The Department estimates that the openran device market is expected to exceed NT $50 billion (US $1.748 billion) by 2022.

In addition, it is reported that Taiwan network equipment enterprise sercomm has cooperated with Rakuten of Japan, sprint of the United States and Bharti Airtel of India to develop and produce smallcell for openran network. Zhonglei electronics disclosed that the 5gsmallcell base station shipped to Japan will begin to generate revenue in 2020 and is expected to increase the shipment of 5gcpe equipment in 2021.

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