Shanghai, China, March 10, 2022 – Shanghai Taisil Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tasil Micro”), a leading high-performance dedicated SoC chip supplier in China, announced that it has mass-produced automotive smart surfaces and smart touch controls. The switch’s SoC series chip and solution TCAEXX-QDA2, this release includes two chips TCAE11-QDA2 and TCAE31-QDA2, both of which have passed the AEC-Q100 Grade 2 complete reliability certification test.

The TCAEXX-QDA2 series is a high-reliability dedicated SoC chip based on the ARM Cortex-M0 core, with a working frequency of 32MHz, built-in 64KB Flash and 4KB SRAM, supports LIN bus communication, high anti-interference and up to 8kV HBM ESD performance. Taisil Micro continues to adhere to the product development concept of high performance, high integration and high reliability. The chip integrates high-performance analog circuits and hardware acceleration modules required to realize capacitive touch and pressure sensing. Algorithm is the world’s leading solution for automotive smart buttons and smart surfaces.

TCAE11-QDA2 is a car-grade capacitive touch SoC chip, which can support up to 10 channels of capacitive touch detection, used to realize functions such as smart buttons or sliders, and is suitable for reading lights in cars, ambient lights, central control, air conditioning control, Steering wheel, door handle and other application scenarios.

TCAE31-QDA2 includes all capacitive touch functions of TACE11-QDA2, and also integrates Wheatstone bridge analog front-end circuit, including low-noise voltage source, 2-stage up to 1024 times gain amplification PGA, high-precision ADC, offset voltage dynamic compensation, etc. The circuit unit can realize 22 bits wide dynamic and minimum 3.6uV signal measurement. It is suitable for connecting various forms of bridge sensors for pressure detection and measurement functions. It is suitable for MEMS pressure sensing, strain gauge pressure sensing, and resistance pressure sensing. Signal conditioning and acquisition and algorithm processing of various pressure sensors. It is the world’s first automotive-grade SoC chip that integrates capacitive touch and pressure touch at the same time. TCAE31-QDA2 fully considers the complex change factors that may be faced in practical applications, such as parameter changes caused by assembly, temperature, humidity, aging, interference, etc., through a wide range of real-time dynamic compensation combined with intelligent algorithms to achieve continuous reliability of pressure detection . Combined with capacitive touch channel to realize capacitive + pressure-sensitive composite smart buttons, it can truly achieve high reliability requirements such as high anti-interference, anti-mistouch, waterproof and other requirements for automotive applications. It is suitable for smart surfaces, smart B-pillars, smart middle Control, smart Logo, smart door handle and other complex interior and exterior application environments.

TCAE11-QDA2 and TCAE31-QDA2 are packaged in QFN-28, the peripheral circuit is simple, and the external LIN SBC can realize the communication with the BCM. Taisil Micro provides a full range of software and hardware platforms for evaluation, testing and production, covering chip evaluation, vertical solutions, production and simulation debugging download tools, etc., to provide customers with one-stop service. Both products have been officially mass-produced, and the supply is sufficient to meet the needs of large-scale applications.

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