On October 15, 2021, synsense technology, the world’s leading brain like intelligent chip design and R & D company, announced the establishment of a strategic cooperation relationship with prophet, the world’s leading neuromimetic visual sensing company. The two companies will give full play to their professional advantages in processing and sensing, and cooperate to develop edge intelligent ultra-low power solutions for event based visual applications.


Based on this strategic cooperation, synsense technology will develop its own low-power visual SNN processor dynap-cnn ® Event based metavision ® The sensor is combined on a single chip and focuses on developing a series of low-cost and mass-produced module products.

Since its establishment in 2017, synsense technology has rapidly developed into a world leader in commercial brain computing technology. Based on more than 20 years of asynchronous computing research experience at the University of Zurich and the Federal Institute of technology of Zurich, synsense technology is developing and producing a series of event-based special visual processors, and providing groundbreaking ultra-low energy consumption and ultra-low delay performance.

The company’s first commercial visual sensing platform based on neural mimicry has opened up a new world. Its metavision solution uses event based vision technology, which has made significant progress compared with the traditional frame based image acquisition method, reduces the power consumption and data processing requirements, and allows the equipment to run under the most harsh conditions.

“We are very pleased to establish a strategic partnership with punofis,” said Dr. joaning, co-founder and CEO of synsense technology. “Both companies are world leaders in their respective fields. The in-depth cooperation between us will promote the development of vision based brain like intelligence and accelerate the commercialization of brain like technology.”

Through this strategic partnership, synsense technology will benefit from punofis’ sensing technology and existing extensive partner network. Punofis will also benefit from the deep integration with synsense’s new processing technology and the world’s leading development in low-power vision applications.


Event based vision is an advanced computer vision paradigm. Its principle is to imitate the mode of human eye recording and brain interpreting visual information. Different from the traditional frame based imaging method, the event based vision sensor only records the changes in the scene, rather than recording the whole scene at a fixed frame rate, which makes it have very low requirements for data transmission and processing (10-1000 times less data than the traditional method), and has higher time resolution (microsecond time resolution, i.e. the time resolution equivalent to 10K image / s). In addition, the event based vision sensor also has better low light performance (1Lux) and dynamic range (120dB).

In the event based metavision sensor patented by ponofis, each pixel is embedded with an independent intelligent processing program, which can activate and trigger events independently.

“With the rapid growth of Internet of things applications in smart homes, smart office buildings, smart industrial manufacturing and smart cities, the market has an increasing demand for edge intelligence. Punofis’s rich experience in realizing neural mimicry visual sensing with the help of smart pixel technology, combined with synsense’s professional accumulation in the field of brain processing, will accelerate the development of high-performance visual technology Promotion and implementation of technology. We will work together to promote efficient and cost-effective product R & D, enable more scenarios and use cases, and provide more benefits and higher security, “said Luca verre, co-founder and CEO of punofis.

The strategic partnership will combine the design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of brain like technologies, including sensors, processing solutions, software and solutions, to achieve a wide range of edge intelligent applications.

“The application of brain like technology to visual applications represents a huge market opportunity in many different fields. According to yole’s recent report on brain like computing and sensing market and technology in 2021, by 2035, the neural mimicry computing and sensing market will account for 15% to 20% of the artificial intelligence market share, which will be a huge market of about US $20 billion.” Dr. Qiao Ning, co-founder and CEO of synsense technology, said.

The two companies will jointly promote the cooperative visual processing solution, promote the commercialization of synsense technology, and enable applications such as Internet of things and smart home behavior detection and gesture control.

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