Mountain View, Calif., June 2, 2022 – Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) today officially launched its new DesignDash design optimization solution to expand its EDA data analytics portfolio, Improve chip design productivity by leveraging previously unexplored design analysis results through machine learning techniques. As an important complement to Synopsys' industry-leading digital design portfolio and™, its award-winning AI-based autonomous design solution, Synopsys' DesignDash solution enables comprehensive data visualization and AI automated design optimization to help improve Chip design productivity at advanced nodes. The solution will provide all developers with a real-time, unified, 360-degree view to speed up the decision-making process and enhance chip development collaboration with a deeper understanding of trends across operations, designs, and projects.

"As a leading SoC supplier transforming many key industries, we are proud to push the limits of device performance while helping customers get to market faster," said Hiroshi Ikeda, director of global development at Socionext. We are very excited about the solution that systematically captures, uses and evaluates our vast design development work in a scalable way, assisting us in sharing expertise across global design teams and increasing productivity and productivity.

Unlocking the Potential of Massive Digital Design Data

The digital design process contains a wealth of information from different sources that, when used properly, can help teams accelerate the optimization of increasingly complex designs. The Gartner® report states that overall analytics adoption will increase from 35% to 50% by 2023, driven by vertical-specific augmented analytics solutions.

The newly launched DesignDash is the latest culmination of many years of Synopsys' interdisciplinary development work, with the goal of delivering exponential increases in design productivity at a time when system complexity is growing massively, market windows are shrinking, and resources are under challenge.

The cloud-optimized Synopsys DesignDash design optimization solution can dramatically increase design productivity by:

Provide a full range of real-time design dynamics through powerful visual interactive dashboards

Deploy deep analytics and machine learning to extract and discover actionable design analysis results from massive amounts of structured and unstructured EDA metrics and tool flow data

Quickly categorize design trends, identify design constraints, provide guided root-cause analysis, and provide executable processes, normative solutions

With deeper design insights, developers can achieve more efficient debugging and optimization workflows, improve design quality, and significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall design and project process. This broad insight and real-time visualization also provides comprehensive resource monitoring and tracking across all design efforts, ensuring more data-driven management and risk reduction throughout the design process. Synopsys DesignDash integrates natively with the Digital Design portfolio for seamless data capture to accelerate design closure. The solution nicely complements SiliconDash offerings – an important part of the chip lifecycle management platform, forming a data continuum from pre-silicon to post-silicon, from design to chip Significantly increases valuable data analysis opportunities in the life cycle of

Karl Freund, founder and principal analyst at Cambrian-AI Research, said: "As functionality and performance requirements increase, SoC complexity continues to climb across all application domains. Data analytics and machine learning with Synopsys DesignDash With this capability, developers can now effectively share and leverage valuable insights that previously required hours of manual compilation and sometimes inaccessibility.”

"The semiconductor industry needs to dramatically increase the productivity of the design process, and improving the quality and speed of engineering decision-making through a comprehensive EDA data analysis platform is key to this direction," said Sanjay Bali, vice president of Synopsys' Chip Implementation Group. One step. Synopsys DesignDash unleashes the potential of ever-growing volumes of EDA metrics and design process data to effectively guide design teams to achieve or exceed their product goals and plans through extensive deployment of advanced data analytics and targeted machine learning techniques , heralding a new era of smarter IC design."

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