Synaptics (NASDAQ: syna) announced today that it will expand the natural ID series of solutions and begin mass production of small area touch sensors to enable smart phones, tablets and laptops to achieve secure fingerprint authentication through fingerprint identification. Different from the traditional sliding sensor, Synaptics natural ID fingerprint touch sensor realizes fingerprint identification through a single touch rather than sliding, which simplifies the user experience and provides a simpler and safer way to lock devices and use online services such as retail, banking and social media portals.

As consumer electronics manufacturers compete to achieve differentiation through a more intuitive user experience, mobile payment infrastructure has been widely adopted, and the fingerprint identification market is also growing. IHS, a market research company, recently predicted that by the end of 2014, there were 317 million devices supporting fingerprint sensors worldwide, and this number will increase to 1.4 billion by 2020. As a market leader, Synaptics is ready to support this growth with a strong lineup of biometric intellectual property, mature mass manufacturing expertise and first-class high-performance technology.

Synaptics will release a new touch fingerprint sensor

Main features: high performance fingerprint imaging: Advanced capacitive imaging technology and cutting-edge digital image processing function provide high-quality images to achieve high-performance matching and high security. Liveflex Technology: separate the fingerprint detection component and the fingerprint controller IC, so that the size and shape of the fingerprint detection module can be determined more flexibly. Small size: the minimum touch area is only 4mm x 10mm, and buttons with small overall size are allowed.

Multiple integration options: this rich product line includes sealed button modules for smartphones and tablets and fixed designs for laptops. The flatpack takes up a small board area and, coupled with the flexible liveflex sensor, can be integrated into a very small space. Online transaction readiness: the natural ID sensor meets the requirements of the online transaction industry standard Fido. Fido compatible websites and web applications can interact seamlessly with fingerprint sensors, so there is no need to use cumbersome and difficult to remember passwords.

Ritu Favre, senior vice president and general manager of biometric products of Synaptics, said: “At present, fingerprint sensors are rapidly emerging in the market. Synaptics took the lead in launching safe and accurate fingerprint sensor technology for the world’s top consumer electronics manufacturers. The mass production of natural ID fingerprint touch sensor is an important milestone. At this time, we can continue to innovate and maintain close cooperation with equipment manufacturers, which makes us happy Feel proud. “

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