With 800000 5g sites, over 200 million 5g users, and more than 5000 innovative applications in 5g industry, China’s 5g construction and application undoubtedly lead the world. However, the 5g development of other countries also has many bright spots. While we are proud of 5g “China speed”, we may as well turn our attention to them.

As we all know, Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, and its economic freedom, innovation ability and other indicators are among the top in the world. In the field of 5g, Switzerland has also set a benchmark in Europe, becoming the first group of countries to make good use of 5g, and taking the lead in network indicators and application innovation. This is largely due to the positive action of its operator sunrise. According to the evaluation of ihsrootmetrics and connect, sunrise has the best 5g network in Switzerland and even in Europe; In the new crown epidemic sweeping the world, its network also withstood the test of surging traffic.

Switzerland experiences the best 5g network to boost economic recovery with 5gtob innovation

Experience the best 5g network in Switzerland

In April 2019, sunrise officially launched 5g commercial services with the assistance of its partner Huawei, becoming the first 5g service provider in Switzerland and the first batch in the world. Since then, it has always been a leader in coverage, network performance, etc.

Long before the spectrum auction, sunrise launched 5g deployment. Glaser said that its 5g network uses 100MHz 3.5GHz intermediate frequency spectrum and some 700MHz low frequency spectrum deployment. At present, it has covered more than 90% of Switzerland’s population, and the rate is as high as 2gbps.

“If you use 5g mobile access, our 5g network will bring you the best user experience in Switzerland.” Benchmark tests from third-party institutions also prove this, he said. Ihsrootmetrics recently evaluated the 5g network of three major operators in Switzerland, namely Swedish Telecom, sunrise and salt, focusing on the real experience of users. Sunrise has obtained the overall leadership in such key indicators as maximum rate, average rate, delay and 600MB video download time.

Coincidentally, the latest test results released by the European authoritative communication journal connect and umlaut (formerly p3group) also show that sunrise has the fastest and most reliable 5g network in Switzerland and has achieved the “outstanding” comprehensive score for five times in a row.

Focus is the only way to success

The reason why we can achieve such remarkable results, concentration is a decisive factor. Glaser said that investment in telecommunications infrastructure is actually a typical business case, especially in Switzerland, which attaches great importance to quality. From the very beginning, sunrise has been committed to building high-quality infrastructure. On the other hand, in terms of investment, the operator also focuses on 5g. “We think this is an investment in the future.”.

As a result, sunrise’s high-speed and stable 5g service has been widely welcomed by individual, family and enterprise customers all over Switzerland, winning a large market share, especially in the 5gtob field. In the capital market, its share price has also experienced substantial growth in the past year.

In 2020, the sudden COVID-19 greatly affected people’s life and production. Due to the rapid growth of voice and data traffic caused by population mobility restrictions, the importance of reliable mobile and fixed network connection is highlighted, while sunrise’s network has withstood the test without any network interruption.

“In Switzerland, the epidemic has brought home to people the importance of having the most advanced telecommunications infrastructure. And it will also push government officials to provide better support for our deployment of the network. ” Said Glaser.

Boost economic recovery with 5gtob innovation

At present, not only Switzerland, but also governments all over the world regard economic recovery from the epidemic as the primary option, and digital technology represented by 5g is an important and even core part of economic recovery.

“Many people, especially industry partners, have shown great interest in 5g and hope to take advantage of this new technology and its related capabilities, not only in network connectivity, but also in 5g based solutions.” Mr Glaser said sunrise was working with industry partners to help them deliver such solutions.

In fact, since the start of 5g business, while expanding its coverage and optimizing its network, sunrise has launched a series of 5gtob business innovations and made full exploration in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, retail, sports, service and other industries, thus greatly expanding its business boundaries. In October 2019, the operator also established the first 5g joint innovation center in Europe, which is committed to developing 5g applications for the private sector and the business community, and helping Switzerland build 5g ecology.

For example, in the field of smart agriculture, agroscope, an agricultural research capability center in Turco Prefecture, uses the 5g application jointly developed with sunrise to help herdsmen improve the milk yield of dairy cows and track their feeding behavior, so as to ensure that livestock are in the best health state and achieve the highest yield. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, GF machining solutions has deployed sunrise’s 5g network in its factory in birr, Switzerland, which makes continuous production possible and lays the foundation for the future development of the factory.

In the new year, the executive said that sunrise’s focus is still on improving coverage, providing high-quality networks for all Swiss, and will try to introduce an independent networking architecture.

Data from the Swiss Telecommunications Union (asut) show that by 2030, 5g will generate 137000 jobs and 42.4 billion Swiss francs of output value. From Elma Glaser’s sharing, we can see that network is always the cornerstone of 5g business success, whether it is to release 5g dividends or to occupy an advantageous position in the competition. The early start, resolute investment and bold innovation have created the leading pattern of sunrise in the 5g field. For other operators, the successful experience of sunrise is worth learning.

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