Swipe your face to open in seconds, Chint smart lock 3D face recognition model unlocks a new “senseless” experience

Full of couriers, holding the baby in both hands, unable to find the key in the bag full of things…

Even if the fingerprint lock has been replaced, sometimes it is inevitable to have no fingers to open the door. It’s just an advantage of “don’t be afraid to forget the key when you go out”, and the fingerprint lock can’t meet our higher requirements for the quality of life.

At present, high-quality smart homes are developing towards non-inductive interaction. As the first threshold for home entry, the unlocking scheme of smart locks is also gradually being reformed. From the traditional digital and pattern unlocking methods to fingerprint module recognition, 3D face recognition and other unlocking based on biometric technology, smart locks are also moving towards the era of “no sense”. Chint 3D face recognition smart locks LOCK8-01 and LOCK8-02 are new products on the market.

Chint Smart Lock LOCK8-01

Chint Smart Lock LOCK8-02

3D TOF face recognition, it is safer to open in seconds without feeling

Face recognition, contactless door opening

3D face recognition door locks refer to the use of 3D cameras to create millimeter-level 3D face models for users, and through live detection and face recognition algorithms to detect facial features and compare them with stored 3D face information. “After verification, the lock can be unlocked. Compared with traditional fingerprint locks, the face recognition solution can achieve high-precision identity authentication and senseless unlocking.

Chint smart locks LOCK8-01 and LOCK8-02 series use 3D face recognition technology to truly open doors without feeling and free hands. Users only need to stand at the door and swipe their face to open the door, and they are no longer afraid of holding things in their hands. The large and wide-angle recognition is suitable for people of 135cm-185cm, tall people do not bend over, children do not tiptoe, especially friendly to people with easily worn fingerprints and children with shallow fingerprints.

3D TOF technology, unlock new experience

Facial recognition smart lock, security is still the core. The 2D face recognition technology smart lock obtains a flat image, and there is a risk that the real face cannot be accurately distinguished from photos and videos. The 3D TOF technology obtains a three-dimensional stereo information, which fundamentally prevents the possibility of photo or video unlocking. Moreover, compared with other 3D facial recognition technologies, TOF facial recognition technology has the advantages of fast response time, good adaptability to low-light environments, low power consumption, low cost, and small size.

Chint 3D TOF face recognition smart locks LOCK8-01 and LOCK8-02 series establish three-dimensional information based on the shape, size, position of facial eyes, eyebrows, nose and other organs and the corresponding plane or three-dimensional spatial relationship, and the security level is higher. high. The faster response speed provides users with a more convenient unlocking experience, and whether it is makeup, wearing glasses, changing hairstyles and dressing up, it can accurately identify your face and open the door for you. There is no need to worry about the influence of light, and it can still be accurately unlocked at night.

Dual-chip intelligent algorithm, 7 kinds of unlocking black technology

The soul of smart locks lies in “intelligence”. The interior of smart locks is still a mechanical lock cylinder structure. Compared with ordinary door locks, its intelligence reflects more unlocking methods to deal with pain points in more usage scenarios. For example, if you forget your keys when you go out, the host is not at home when guests come, you can’t open the door if you don’t have time, and the smart lock’s battery runs out.

Chint 3D face recognition smart locks LOCK8-01 and LOCK8-02 series, in addition to 3D face recognition, can be unlocked by fingerprint, magnetic card, key, password, applet, and two-factor authentication in a total of 7 unlocking methods, which can easily deal with various emergencies. Status: Daily 3D face, fingerprint, magnetic card unlocking; when there is no electricity, the key can still be unlocked; when guests come, a temporary password can be set to unlock through a small program; two-factor authentication unlocking, higher security. With the support of neural network AI and Cortex-M4 dual-chip, face recognition is more efficient and stable, and the response is faster. With intelligent algorithms, information is constantly supplemented and improved during use, and it can still quickly identify and identify changes such as fingerprint wear.

In-line C-level lock cylinder, more comprehensive safety protection

As the primary security barrier of the home, the door lock is located in its “core”, and the type of the lock cylinder directly affects the security level of the smart lock. The C-level lock cylinder is the lock body with the highest security level in the civil field in the current national standard. Its structure, anti-technical unlocking time, and mutual opening rate must meet certain standards, and the protection capability is relatively stronger.

Chint 3D face recognition smart locks LOCK8-01 and LOCK8-02 series, the true plug-in C-class anti-theft lock cylinder runs through the lock body. Compared with the ordinary A/B-class lock cylinder, the upper side of the C-class lock cylinder is pressed inward. The device of the column bayonet makes the “password” of the lock body more complicated, which greatly reduces the possibility of forced unlocking by force, and the unlocking time of anti-theft technology has reached more than 270 minutes. In addition, the LOCK8-01 and LOCK8-02 series are equipped with safety functions such as shielding the electromagnetic field and not being afraid of the small black box, abnormal unlocking alarm, and anti-cat’s eye unlocking.

Large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, super battery life is more environmentally friendly

At present, household smart lock batteries are divided into two categories, one is dry battery and the other is rechargeable lithium battery. Although dry batteries are easy to buy and easy to replace, their shortcomings are also obvious. Most dry batteries are not environmentally friendly. If they are discarded at will, they will pollute the environment. The advantages of rechargeable lithium batteries are that they can be used repeatedly, have a long use time, are economical, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

Chint 3D face recognition smart locks LOCK8-01 and LOCK8-02 series use high-density polymer lithium batteries, which are more convenient for recycling, energy saving and environmental protection. 4000mAH large capacity, with the advantages of low energy consumption of TOF technology, super battery life, longer use time, 2 hours of one charge, most families can use it for 6 months without frequent battery replacement or frequent charging. There is also a Type-C emergency power supply interface design, which can be temporarily charged with an external power bank without worrying about running out of power.

Fashion, luxury and simplicity, versatile personalized home decoration

As a “facade responsibility”, smart locks occupy the C position of door locks with a sense of technology, fashion, and smart and convenient use. More and more people use smart locks.

Chint 3D face recognition smart locks LOCK8-01, LOCK8-02 series, light luxury and simple style, large candy bar, fashionable and thin, and the appearance is online. High-hardness tempered glass full-screen design, excellent texture, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The LOCK8-01 series is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, and is blessed with electroplating and baking paint technology, which is delicate and elegant. The LOCK8-02 series adopts a whole piece of CNC aviation aluminum material, the surface is anodized, and the quality is higher. Gun ash, red bronze, champagne gold, sky blue and other colors are optional, all-match security doors, gates, wooden doors, to upgrade the style of individual home decoration.

Chint Smart Lock LOCK8-01 Chint Smart Lock LOCK8-02

The era of “look at the face” of smart locks has come. Chint 3D face recognition smart locks LOCK8-01 and LOCK8-02 series, no need to get started, just swipe your face to open in seconds, convenient and safe, starting from entering the door, unlocking the “no sense” of smart home experience.

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