“Education is the foundation of a long-term plan”. Children’s growth and education is a widespread concern of the community. Recently, Suzhou mobile and Lumu center kindergarten have reached a cooperation to support the morning inspection robot in the park with 5g network to pay attention to children’s health.

In Lumu kindergarten, morning inspection is a daily “required course”. In front of a small robot, children in Lumu center kindergarten are queuing up for morning inspection. It is understood that this is the morning inspection robot solution provided by Suzhou mobile for Lumu center kindergarten with 5g combined with cloud computing and AI technology. The robot is equipped with a super-high resolution camera to take high-definition pictures of children’s physical signs, and identify children’s physical signs through image recognition algorithm. It can complete a series of tasks in a short time, such as recognition approach, multi-channel camera shooting, multi-channel algorithm recognition, and result presentation, so as to realize the real-time acquisition of morning examination results by schools and parents. Due to the high resolution and large size of the signs images taken by the robot, the bandwidth and delay requirements of the network are relatively high when analyzing the images and uploading the analysis results. In this case, the 5g network of Suzhou mobile with large bandwidth and low delay can meet the basic needs of the robot to upload signs images quickly.

Suzhou mobile combines 5g with cloud computing and AI technology to provide morning inspection robot solutions for kindergartens

Combined with the supporting facilities of the kindergarten, the construction team of Suzhou mobile inspected the campus for many times and formulated the installation plan according to local conditions to ensure the 5g coverage of the campus. Li Mingyuan, project manager of Suzhou mobile, said: “the morning inspection robot can not only reduce the burden of manually recording data, but also let parents know their children’s physical condition in real time, which is more convenient and effective for parents and schools.”

“With the morning inspection robot, parents have more trust in the school, and children’s health and other safety problems can be effectively managed. It’s really great.” The staff of the kindergarten spoke highly of it. In the future, Suzhou mobile will fully understand the information construction needs of the education industry, broaden cooperation ideas, deeply promote the construction of “smart campus”, constantly improve the information construction content, solidly serve the education industry in Suzhou, and guard the children’s carefree childhood.

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